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Monday, July 16, 2012

A Spanish Lover, & One Penniless Man In Hunger....

This is one sexy, courageously sensual, outlandishly daring film. "The Last Mistress" is like a scorpio sign on steroids... lmao 

"The Last Mistress" surrounds Ryno de Marigny & La Vellini. Two lusty characters who cant seem let go of a dangerously long lasting love affair. 

After, many years of this on, and off dangerous liaison. Ryno decides it's time to let go of the hold that La Vellini has over him, by trying to marry the complete opposite of La Vellini. The virgin beauty Hermangarde.

Before, the marriage can proceed with a blessing from La marquise de Flers (Hermangarde grandmother); she wants to know all of Ryno's sins. After hearing descriptive rumors of Ryno's torrid past. 
Ryno narrates his long lasting affair with La Vellni. Which painted a tale of child loss, duels, adultery, and lust; which La marquise de Flers found quite entertaining, and took pity upon Ryno. 
After, this intriguing tale. La marquise de Flers gives her blessing.
With that Ryno says goodbye to the on, and off again 10 year liaison with La Vellini through lovemaking ( what such a douche bag move lol). 
La Velline knows Ryno cannot resist her charms, and will be back in due time.

Soon, after Ryno marries Hermangarde. Flees to another town... But, wait that's not where the story ends.
Albeit this is where the story become more enticing! His actions bring out the Femme Fatale in La Vellini.

One lover wants to put the past in the past, & one lover that won't let go... makes one saucy tale, too the point that your not reaching for popcorn, but for water too cool off. 

Overall, this was a lovely french film. Full of lust &... well that's pretty much it. 
Although, it does seem very cheaply made, but very beautifully done. 
Asia Argento as La Vellini was beyond brilliant. Fu'ad Aït Aattou OMG Gorgeous! eye candy is always great for a low budget film; it will make a movie a zero to a hero! lol

"The Last Mistress" received mixed reviews. I agree it's a little raunchy, but it's so sexy, & edgy. How could you not love it?!
Also, I love the ending. A very realistic outcome from a scandalous liaison.

My only problem with this film, was the narration did not give good depictions, and the timeline was a little all over the place.... that's about it.

My ratings
4 1/2 out 5 Loved it! A Must See!
Amour Toujours
Nailah D'arcy 

Asia Argento as La Vellini
Fu'ad Ait Aattou as Ryno de Marigny
Roxane Mesquid as Hermangarde
Claude Sarraute as La Marquise de Flers

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