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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Eros & Psyche Or Edward & Bella?

"He came with gifts and gilts
He came with eyes that shines, that would make you discard any guy you have at that time 
A smile that that break through any weakness you thought you could conquer, if anyone put up a fight, or agony insight-
But he came with a price, death or immortal life? 
And, you will take it, because you love him more than life."~ Nailah D'arcy

I am somewhat embarrassed to say that " I too, am a twilight fan".. This is so not going to be an Anonymous Twilight Meeting, but I did find a way to get this vampire itch out of my system. 
Just write a post about it! lol
I am convinced Stephenie Meyer has put some sort of witchcraft, or voodoo on the "Twilight Sagas" lol. There so bad, but somehow you love it, and really don't understand why!

After watching the films, and reading the series I did a little research. I noticed that a lot of people was comparing this story too "Pride & Prejudice", "Jane Eyre", "Sense & Sensibility".. I mean the list goes on. I mean I know the 'Twilight' sagas are good, but to connect them to literature, is just a little insane. 
I will say the plot is very similar to the classics. Albeit, there was one mythology story that screamed 'Twilight'.. And, it was the of The god of love himself Eros, and a mortal beauty Psyche. 

Although, they're many adaptations of Psyche & Eros. I'm going by "The Golden Ass" by Lucius Apuleius. 

Edward Cullen & Eros 
There are so many reason Edward is Eros. And, not just because he's the hero. 
They are both immortal, and they both fell in love with a mortal soul, for very odd reason. One was out for blood, the other for pity, they both ran away from their lovers, and both can't seem to live without them, and eventually comes back.

Throughout, the tale of Psyche & Eros. Psyche received advice from an unknown source, protecting her from danger...... Hmm sounds familiar? 

Psyche, Isabella Swan, & Proserpina 
Well I guess it's easy to sum up that Isabella Swan is Psyche, not just because she the Heroine, but because there story is mildly similar. 
These two young ladies fought for their man, and went to hell and back literally for their lovers, and both on the verge of committing suicide. 
After death/sleep these two characters were presented with immortal souls.
These two were absolutely hopelessly in love. And, both lost their lovers, and won their way back to their lovers hearts.
There conquest lead them to well hard earned happiness. Bella wasn't just the sweet & innocent Psyche, she also resembles a little of Persophina 'Queen Of Darkness'. Darkness presented Psyche/Proserpina/Isabella immortal life.  

Rosalie Hale, Venus, & Victoria 
Well who is going to be the jealous, spiteful, hateful & vengeful vixen Venus? This was very, very hard to pin down; so I gave title to Rosalie & Victoria. 
Yeah, I couldn't pick one. 
Rosalie Hale for her beauty, and a tab bit of jealously made up that part of Venus, vengeance was all Victoria. In the end Venus/Rosalie soon forgave Psyche/Isabella, but Victoria couldn't let go, this lead to her death.

Zephyrus, Alice Cullen, Oracle Apollo
Alice Cullen reminded me of many of the characters; the unknown source that gave Psyche countless advice. Zephyrus who watched over, and transported Psyche. Overall Alice reminded me the Oracle
Apollo, who predicted Psyche & Eros love story. Oracles are known for their wisdom & prophecy's.

Carlisle & Esme Cullen  & Juno & Jupiter
Carlisle and Esme Cullen resemble Jupiter & Juno. 
Although, in both tales, these characters play a minor part; albeit this power couple brings words of wisdom, love & strength.

Jasper Hale & Jacob Black & Pan
Jasper, & Jacob as Pan.  Both characters show their great strength, not just in battle ,but also in structural insight.
In basic words, good ol common sense.  
Jacob is the younger version of Pan; while Jasper was an older version of the wise Pan.

Emmett Cullen & The Eagle of Jupiter
Emmett Cullen resembles The Eagle of Jupiter, and yes this time for the obvious reasons. Strength, and courage. Another minor character; but held a great benefit when danger would arise.

Quileute Tribe & The Myrmidons
Quileute Tribe resembles the Myrmidons; In this tale the ant-people took pity on Psyche, and helps with the task of labor that was demanded by Venus; The Myrmidons are also connected too Native American culture through myths, and legends.

Irina & Psyche's sister
Volturi & Hades 
Irina depicts Psyche's sister. Revenge brought her/the sisters to their death. Although, Psyche's sister weren't immortal, these three characters brought chaos to Psyche/Bella life; all out of spite & revenge.

Volturi depicts Hades. The last battle to conquer, and the scariest one of them all, with trickery in both tales.

Of course, Renesmee is Voluplas ('Pleasure') Psyche & Eros daughter. Albeit, for her fast growth she is also connected to Ceres.

 Although, in tale of Eros and Psyche; there was no competition over Psyche's love. But, eventually in Twilight "Imprinting" separated  Jacob from Bella..........

Both resembles a fairytale; that brought on a relationship through a strange phenomenon, either through the prick of an arrow, or just smell of their lovers blood ( Okay, that sounded strange lol). 

Both tales were so strikingly similar in plot, and characters that it was almost a crime to even compare "Twilight" to "Wuthering Heights" etc.  In the end both are great stories of love. Like most fairy-tales a happy ended was already in a set, and one child made out of l'amour by the god of love & darkness himself......
Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy 

For those who are not familiar with the story of Eros and Psyche. 

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