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Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Painted Sky

The sky was blue 
This was anew 
A soft, warm, inviting and intuitive
And, forever new 
And, no one every knew
Of the battle of forces of the black, and the blue

A polished azure stature in awe
Upon as we look up 
With colors that speaks heaven above
Green in sight
Blue in flight
Yellow for a rainbow of delight
White with a smile of life  
Red, ripped, and tripped 
For a light about to drip unto the night

The sky was black
Mist, dark, and dim
Colors alarmed
Colors you already new
Surface with many in this gene pool 
And, we never knew the battle between the black, and the blue

The light fades into a shadow that turns into night
Gloomy, and dim
Skeletons in the closet comes out
Without a fight
With colors with unspoken words of hauteur down below 
Green with greed
Violet with violence 
Brown intense, and stacked
Black with anger
We all in danger!
Red fuzzy, & dull drifts while the night unfolds

And, this what the world holds
Two shades of people
That will never show.

Written By Nailah D'arcy

Amour Toujours
Nailah D'arcy

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