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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Innocence brought you to life, 
A virtue that spared you 
Not once-
But, twice 
You may even be the cause of your downfall, that leaves you with a sour taste of life
A fall is never nice, even with a pureness that shone onto light-

Exuberant, and nice 
Life has been easygoing,
A piece of cake
With few to share,
Few who can speak of it
But, somehow you always look despair 
When you have so much to spare.

Guilty pleasure
Life of luxury 
But, life to you has been unfair?
All you want is pity, when others need a prayer
Hope and magic 
Is only what a few could even imagine. 

Destiny is only a danger, a stray from what is left from the last stranger- 

A soul of past lives that's testing your manner,
That was once innocent
Now, this life has a planner
Many setbacks & shortcuts 
And testing luck.

Innocence is your prime feature
 But, a privileged life has been your defeater 
not once,
not twice
But, the third time
It has..
That left you with a sourness of life-
and a emptiness that left you forever penniless, taunt, and hype. 
Written By
Nailah D'arcy 

Amour Toujours  

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Romantique Innocence By Nailah D'arcy