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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mistress Anonymous? Are You Serious?

As always 20/20 at there best again, with a episode called "Caught in a bad romance"

How do we all fall prey for bad romances? 20/20 gives us a few insights into romances that have gone rogue; by going into the life of a mistress, catching a cheater, & how to catch a cheater, and a brazen reality dead beat dad?
Yeah 20/20 went all the way in. Investigating at it's best! 
The Four Musketeers....
The Second Segment:

Ready for a Hollywood story, and one losers end; You sure your ready? lol
one pathological liar & four women smitten.. Equals danger.
Simon Reid went from the next, left the next , and stole from the next all for?... He doesn't even know.. 
Maybe because he's a pathological liar? Is that even an excuse anymore?

Albeit, these women got there revenge after just one google search with 2 words " Simon Reid", and one blogger post warning women about the siren named Simon Reid. 
Have You Dated This Guy?
Eventually, these women got together and went after there lying lover, staging a sting while Simon was pursuing another women. 
This story ended with Simon going to jail, for stealing money from one of he's ex-lovers.
Another story of the web of weave of lies, but google is always at your side...
15 Mins Of Fame?
The Third Segment:
'Cheaters' I know everyone seen this show, and I actually like this show; It's ridiculously stupid funny. 
Although, sometimes it seem very fake, even the creator of cheaters Booby Goldstein does not deny that some are staged, but also adds that some are real; for the ones that are real.. wouldn't this just be profiting off of others despair? well, let's just say money can always be made when infidelity is in play.
Beware Cheaters! Technology Will Come Back & Bite You In The..... I'll leave for you to figure out the rest! lol

The Fourth Segment:
 Apps & GPS....Gadgets are used to catch a cheating spouses, know surprise there.  20/20 interviewed  Private Investigators, and asked  various of questions; which revealed that women and men are about 50/50 in the cheating pool. And, most affairs start at work, or on business trips. 
The Segment Ended with  
Three Red Flags to look out for when you think you spouse is cheating!
  1. Too protective over phone
  2. Losing weight
  3. And Always Trust Your Gut!
A Deadbeat Dad Gone Rogue?
The Fifth Segment:
Vicki & Brooks
I will not lie I watch  "The Real Housewives Of Orange County" and between all the fighting, it's nice to see some of the women have healthy relationships, however this season we were introduced to a new house husband, Brooks Ayers.

Vicki Gunvalson relationship with Brooks Ayers always seemed a little fishy to me, albeit 20/20 has confirm all the accusations, by none other than his ex Nicolette Catanzarite.  Nicolette Catanzarite is the mother of Ayers child, and had no idea he was on television living it up, while bailing on the child support; I am not sure if this was the smartest move, okay I know this wasn't! this is a case of 'lack of common sense'? eh!
Mistress Anonymous? Huh?
The first Segment: 
Sarah Symonds has been called 'the serial mistress' 'the temptress' the list goes on..
After a series of relations with celebrities such as Jeffrey Archer, and even Gordon Ramsey ( who denies the affair). 
Sarah wants to share her experience too help other women. She has written a book not only for the mistress, but the wives as well., and also runs a support group called ' Mistress Anonymous'. Which is now has a Canadian reality show called "The Mistress".
Sarah Symonds

After, watching many Rielle Hunter disastrous interviews over the week, basking in the glory of being a John Edwards mistress. I was baffled.
And, now a Mistress Anonymous? huh?

See am am a pretty fair person, but I will say this is just a bunch an of BS (excuse my french). 

This becoming way too acceptable.  It's like these women wait outside for these celebrity men, sleep with them, and when the money stop coming, and when he's gradually leaving their side; they say "hey let me get a ghostwriter put my name on it, talk about our sexual experience. Make a few million, get myself a reality show.. Am a millionairess"  
Cry me a river!
Are you serious????
What every happens to letting it go, or not sleeping with someones husband?? 
I hope sooner, or later these women know that there little fifteen minutes of fame is only due to scrutiny, rather than talent.
Words Of Wisdom, But This Time With A Little Love
Love is universal, and can get the best of us all, but when is it at it wits end? would it be a serial mistress, a deadbeat dad, or just a google search? Just another battle of lust, and love, and now money?

Amour Toujours 

Nailah D'arcy 

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