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Saturday, June 2, 2012

History Of L'amour: The Most Handsome Man In Regency England!

Lord Granville Leveson-Gower.  
Was the most handsome man in Regency England.

I saw his likeness, and I fell in love.. like many women at that time. 
I was so curious of what type of man he was. There is something in his manner that screams passion.  I wanted to know more about his love life. I was not surprised Granville had many affairs. However, what I truly wanted to know was, did Granville ever find love??

He was tall, thick dark beautiful hair, daringly luscious lips, stunning beautiful deep dark-blue eyes; that gives him such a dreamy air.  Lord Granville Leveson-Gower was well mannered, and well poised, with a haughty air.

I had to do some hard investigation. Even though Granville is quite famous for his politically influences, and piercing beauty. 
Granville relationship with other women is quite bleak. 
Although, he written many letters to Harriet Spencer about his affairs, and his "somewhat" loving feelings for her........
While reading the letters, you get a feeling he's a smooth talker. 
Which, makes you want to learn more about this daring man.

His liaison with Harriet Spencer is quite known, but what about the others??
With such beauty, Granville could have captured the hearts of many women.....And, so he did...

Lady Henrietta Frances Spencer, 
was deeply in love with Granville.
Before, there was Lady Henrietta Frances Spencer (also known as Henrietta Ponsonby, Countess of Bessborough), there where many women that Granville took fancy to. Even during there awkward liaison. 

Granville had a taste for brash women. I think it was because it was the totally opposite of he's upbringing; he's mother being a very traditional, and moral woman.

Lady Susannah Stewart, was Granville Leveson-Gower, (Granville's Father) third wife. Out of the four children, Granville was the only son.
She, was known for her priggish attitude, which she reflected onto Granville. 
Susannah was very protective over her son Granville. Even as he aged. She voiced her opinion of all he's wrong doings; and even he's sins: such as gambling, & women..

Well more like women of a certain age, and married...

Granville was known for falling in, and out of love ( or lust, I would call it ).
I have a feeling Granville thought it was an easy deal. Not a lot of work; Since many married women he was linked to, where in unhappy marriages (due to a morganatic marriage).
Lady Hester Lucy Stanhope.
Granville took advantage of her.
Granville probably didn't like a challenged, and probably thought he's beauty & smooth talking  would win over any challenge... 
Albeit, he was right..

Granville liked women that where witty, pretty, intelligent, and had a passion for politics. 
Although, he tend to attract these type women. Yet Granville thought politics was no place for a woman. These qualities never kept his interest for long. 
Granville went through various of women from Lady Elizabeth Webster, Mrs. St. John, and to a disastrous liaison with Lady Hester Lucy Stanhope, and many more.

Although, many of he's affairs were short lived......

Yet, whenever money was involved Granville would love the challenge....Because, as the second son an heiress was a need, not just a want. To sustain the lifestyle which he was custom too.
Granville's desire to marry an heiress at first didn't work out in he's favor. From Lady Sarah Fane, Susan Beckford, and The Princess Serge Galitzin. 
Sarah Sophia Child Villiers
One of Granville Courting Conquest

While Granville was going through many love affairs, and seeking a wealthy wife. Harriet Spencer was he's confidante, his mistress, & his biggest fan.
 I described their relationship very strange, also enlightening, but yet strange. This relationship seems to transform Granville as a man. A relationship not only for sex, but mental stimulating; that brought out the worst, and those hidden loving emotions.  

However, Harriet seemed more in love with Granville, than he was with her. 
People would say she was obsessed. 
Throughout, there illicit affair, Harriet gave birth to two illegitimate children. 
After striking out with numerous well known heiress. Granville eventually marries Harriet's niece; Lady Harriet Cavendish "Harryo" with her blessing. 

Granville & his wife Harriet & their children.
Granville's marriage to Harryo, wasn't so dreadful... In fact,Granville was fond of her, and Harryo was head over in heels in love with Granville.
Harriet's and Granville's love affair came to an end, they remained friends, and still continuously correspond with each other until her death. 
Even in the final weeks of Granville's life, he sorted & numbered each letter..... hmm
Words Of L'amour,Yet History Always Has The last Word 
In the end I cannot say if Granville found love or not. Lust for sure ( but, many of us can find lust, not so many of us can find love). Harriet & Granville relationship was more like Diane de Poitiers & Henry II of France. Yet, this time Diane was the on that was obsessed.  
Somehow, they're story ended the same.....with death, & unrequited love.

Although, this relationship made a big impact on their lives, but was this more like a  mother & son relationship? or was it that Harriet just couldn't let go?  or maybe love was not in the destiny of the most beautiful man in Regency England?
Granville's life was not riddled with unhappiness & grief. Yet, I cannot say he found love either.. I will say though...
Granville was looking for love in all the wrong places, but did he realize that love was waiting for him at home? Not through just one woman, but through many... He was adored, and loved.... But, did he take that for an advantage? was he truly selfish?
Always the handsome ones right? 

Amour Toujours
Nailah D'arcy

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