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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Albums fait Avec l'amour: Christina Aguilera Album

Oh yes, the cutesy &  picturesque!
The princess of 90's teen pop!
 The one and only 
Christina Aguilera!
I was ten years old when this album came out... And, I remember vividly one cute girl rolling around in the sand, the next video wearing medieval sexy clothing, and another video dancing wearing those jeans with the tie in the middle..don't act like you do not know what am talking about!
Omg, I know every generation Y baby had those jeans.. (Gosh those awful jeans) ... lol 

Out of all those 90's teen pop groups & solo singers, this was the one girl that could actually sing. And not just good, but amazingly well.
This album is so darling, but at the same time gives many signals towards sexuality. Let's just say innocence at it's peak, but drop this girl in just a nick of time. Not too make just one great album, but many more. 

I love this album. 
Christina Aguilera album is amazing from the beginning to the end. The lyrics that are so catchy,  but at the same time would make blush. 
This album paints the picture of the young girl, and her little fanciful little story, and uncovering the mysteries of love, relationships, loneliness, and sexuality.

This album is full of number 1 hits.
With songs that are cool, calming, & sexy like "So Emotional", "Love For All Seasons" &"Somebody's Somebody", and innocent borderline sex appeal dance songs ( if that makes sense lol)  like "Genie In A Bottle", " Come On Over" and my all time favorite "When You Put Your Hands On Me", and of course the teen pop basics "What A Girl Wants" and " Love Will Find A Way", added with songs that show her pure talent such as " I Turn To You", and "Reflection"
I was so surprised how old this album is. Time go by so fast....
Christina Aguilera album is the diamond of the 90's teen pop, has remarkable longevity. 

This album is made out of love. It's too cute not to like. Each ballad is more charming than the next.
Christina Aguilera album is a cutesy, tootsie, whoopsie, 90's teen pop, just don't get tipsy off this lusty fanciful album. lol 

Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy 

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