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Monday, June 11, 2012

Albums fait Avec l'amour: Amore

If you ever seen Dean Martin Variety Show, films, and his stage performance you would just be mesmerized by his charm, and charisma.
I am so honored to share the same birthday with this amazing man, and how I wish I had the chance to see him on stage.
I've always said I'll rather have a drink with Dean Martin, but I''ll love to do business with Frank Sinatra!...
This album is just like Dino; Easygoing, and an enchanting lure. And proves he's "ladies man" reputation was not just a myth. 
"Amore" is full of Dean Martin's romantic hits.
You'll be bewitched not only by he's voice, but how easy the word love rolls off he's tongue. It's to romantic to bare... 
That turns into another album made of "Amore"? He took the words right out of my mouth....
I've always admired Dean Martin. And this blissful romantic album reminded me why.
"Amore" brings Dean Martin's presence back to life with a calm, soothing voice that would lingering on forever. 
"Amore" is a smooth talking, sweet talking, love making romantic album. 
This album would make you fall in love with Dean Martin; The same way he fell in love with Jeanne Biegger. 
Make you laugh out with joy with Jerry Lewis. Wishing for the sassy talk of "The Rat Pack".   Wishing for cigar, and maybe even a martini...

"Amore"is a bundle of 15 lovely love ballads. From "I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face", "How Sweet It Is", "It Looks Like Love","Let Me Love You Tonight"... and my all time favorite "Dream A Little Dream Of Me". 
I love this song because it seems so effortlessly beautiful. 
Dean Martin makes every song seem so easy, and simple to perform.. I love it.
This song has been remade many times, yet no one can sing this song better than Dean Martin. 

This is an amazing album for big fans, and for first timers.... it's easy to fall in love with this album, and with Dean Martin.
Each song would touch your heart.. flawless album, and one cool guy. 
What such a wonderful mix!

"Amore" oozes love, smells like love, the cover even looks like love, and it ends with with "You're nobody til' Somebody Loves You"
Ain't that the truth
Great album! A must have 
Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy 

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