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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

One Scandalous Tale....

One word to describe this film "sexy". 
"Black Book" is a sexy, erotic mysterious foreign film...
The story is about a beautiful young Jewish girl named Rachel Stein; in World War II trying to escape from the Nazi's reign. 
Through turmoil Rachel finds love, and backstabbers.

The story starts off with Rachael reflecting on the past, after seeing an old friend after such a long time.
Rachel flashes back to 1944, to the farmhouse where she was hiding; after Rachael's hiding spot was accidentally bombed; Rachel's family is reunited, with the help from Mr. Smaal (An attorney; who is helping jews escape Nazi territory) to flee by boat. 

Eventually this happy reunion was destroyed; the flee was a trap by German SS, to take money, and other valuables. Rachel watched her family, and many others be annihilated.
Although, Rachel was not captured; she did not let this massacre destroy her, but Rachel did become more blood thirsty for vengeance; which lead Rachael to become involved with a Resistance group.

The resistance group took a big set back, when many of their group members where captured.
The group full of men is stunned by Rachel's  beauty, and wants to use it for a benefit, by seducing SD commander Hauptsturmführer. Rachael went blonde (blond suits her omg!), and used her saucy personality; Hauptsturmführer was bewitched.

Hauptsturmführer invites Rachael to a party at local SD headquarters. Rachael makes a friend here, and is offered a position to work as a receptionist; and also Rachael finds a lover in Hauptsturmführer. Rachael used her access to bug the offices. 
Eventually Hauptsturmführer figures out that Rachael is Jewish, but he just does not care, he absolutely smitten.
The betrayal is not only within the German SS, but someone very close to Rachael.... which make the story much more intense, and personal.

"Black Book" is a muddled story; of betrayal, lust, greed and riddled with mystery.. And way to much for me to describe, and still make sense lol... This is a have to see film. This foreign film puts Hollywood to shame. 

Carice van Houten wow, wow! what an actress. Carice was amazing! she has an amazing innocent sex appeal... gorgeous! The chemistry between Sebastian Koch, & Carice van Houten ... let's say too hott for t.v
Although, I do think it's a little weird to have a Jewish woman fall in love with a German SD commander... Eh, a little strange; but, I will say their little romance was really the point of being erotic. Also, I wasn't really happy about the Holocaust being romanticized.

The "Black Book" shows you have enemies everywhere, especially whenever there is greed involved. Money can make the stronger man, the weaker man...
A great film you can watch with your boyfriend, that you both may enjoy! 
*Warning, If you hate subtitles; stay as far away from this film*
My ratings 
5 out of 5 
Carice va Houten as Rachel Stein 
Sebastian Koch as Ludwig Muntze
Thom Hoffman as Hans Akkermans
Halina Reijn as Ronnie
Waldemar Kobus as Gunther Franken 
Derek de Lint as Gerben Kuipers
Matthias Schoenaerts as Joop
Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy 

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