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Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Wife Is The Fountain Of My House, My Mistress Is The Perfume In The Air

A tale that would test your sanity, or just another love affair, that was just another dangerous method?...
Don't we all love a sophisticated, but yet somewhat out of the box mistress; well "A Dangerous Method" would support that craving.. It's so odd that it just so mentally stimulating that this film would keep you thinking...

I went through this film even asking myself many questions.. 
What's a normal relationship? 
What is the true meaning of marriage, and a clandestine affair?
Why is normal so acceptable? 
Is it wrong to not be normal? Is it wrong for a psychiatric to say, your not normal to society standards? Why would you want to be normal anyway? 
And what is the new normal???
Just a series of questions, I asked myself......
I mean know, no one makes history being normal, by social standards! 

"A Dangerous Method" is an intense historical fiction film; full of seduction, lust, and analytical.
This film starts off with one very interesting woman, Sabina Spielrien; entering an asylum.
Through her doctor Carl Jung; Sabina discovers that, due to her father beating her naked. Now triggered sexual arousal through humiliation; which lead to a verbal & bondage sexual relationship between Jung, and Sabina...
This relationship questioned Dr. Carl Jung morals; monogamy, or indulgence? which lead to a disagreement between Sigmund Freud (another well established psychiatrist)... they're friendship ends over stubbornness, competitiveness, and one intelligent woman.
One man's obsession over sexual oppression, and one man's quest to the truth of happiness, and questioning he's own field of work.

"A Dangerous Method" ends with; lost loves, death, and one chain smoker.

I love this film. this is a film you can make your own opinion about what's right, and what's wrong.. "A Dangerous Method" does not give you answers, but just facts. Which is were you determine what kind of person you desire to be; mentally, and physically.

Although, "A Dangerous Method" is full of lust, and heated disagreements; but the scenery was absolutely beautiful like a painting, stunning!. Also, the costumes where amazing; I adored the fashion.
All the actors did a superb job. Just another perfect, intense sophisticated self discovery film. If that makes sense? lol....It's a must see!
I will say, this is the type of film you have to watch over, and over to catch every conversation, every word, and even every disagreement. But, overall fantastic film.

My rating's
4 1/2 out of 5 
Amour toujours 
Nailah D'arcy 
Viggo Mortensen as Sigmund Freud 
Michael Fassbender as Carl Jung
Keira Knightley as Sabina Spielrein 
Vincent Cassel as Otto Gross
Sarah Gadon as Emma Jung 


Mud Puddle said...

Thanks for the share! definitely want to watch the movie now!love a 'good' love affair film. Especially one that leaves you thinking.

Nailah D'arcy said...

Yeah,you'll love it! Keira Knightley did an amazing job. This movie was for sure a thinker!

Nailah D'arcy


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