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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


You write without love
Someone speaks for you; far above 
To receive love, love comes through words only of love 
& actions of a talent that turns into wit-that turns into love
If you don't know how to give love 
Please do not scam love! 
These words I speak, are from a place within me 
I love what I write, and love what I mean 
I love words of wisdom, not through a scammer 
Through a fee.... 
Rhymes that are unloving & unmoving to the people that cannot see 
Your only losing wit, meant to inspire, empower those in need
 Encouragement is far above a need, for those who lose strength in time of need
But, your vanity wit has planted a seed 
With those of dollar signs, with a taunt & schema 
Just a face & and a name
 And, you got your dream
Now, try to write 
Without a naughty gleam.
Nailah D'arcy 

Amour Toujours

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