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Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Generation In Love With Sex, But Leaves Love In the Dust..

I am a history buff, I live it, love it, breathe it, but one thing that never change over time is lust & love; somehow these two go together (in an odd way), but isn't that like mixing water & oil? 

they just don't go together, somehow our society loves oil, and water?
Our generation seems to love this mixture, a little too much.

Although, dating reality shows pop up all over television these days, and probably 90% fake ( hey, am trying to be fair). It seems we want to go in the right direction, but, somehow Generation X made a u-turn, to Generation Next? I guess it's easy to say that each generation is more promiscuous, than the next. But, how far are we willing to go.
Net Generation, Millennial Generation, Echo Boomers, Generation Next, Generation Y... 
Is a generation in love with bluntness, & sexuality to the point it turns brusquely?

My main question is " how did we get here?"
Too much plastic surgery?
Too much make-up?
Too many babies, having babies?
The Media?
Or, was it Generation X?
What makes us so delusional when it comes to love?.. Is our past haunting us, that makes us rebel against it? or could we just blame it on human instincts....

Was It Amour? Or Society Ruling?
Everything always starts from the past. No matter how fast we run from it, it always seems to ambush us.

Our generation is a interesting one. From women becoming more independent, from the economy, to even the murders; this is a passionate generation. Yet, many things has drastically changed, mentally it's still the same.
Generation Y is redefining marriages, relationships, & dating.. old-fashion"Courting" is totally out of the question for this generation; 
But why?

History has gone through very interesting marriages, wars, evilness, greed, and let's forget dreadful sexual acts.
However, not too many years ago, sex was a hush, hush, topic; everyone knew what was going on, but would never dare speak of it; now it's a topic among many conversations.
Charles II of England
Was no stranger too sinful acts
It was not so unusually for a husband to have a mistress, or mistress's ( just ask Charles II of England, lol) publicly or privately; history has gone through many changes with publicly lewd acts, and restrictions on sexuality; that may have had a big impact on Generation Y.

Generation Y is more open about sexuality; I can say this has been a good thing, and also a very bad thing; it can go either way depending on each person.
Let's not forget; Generation Y brought awareness to many diseases, same-sex marriages, physically abuse etc; which would never been a topic up for discussion in past generations; which has help many people; and has had an affect on us all.

Is our generation just trying to escape from our past, or have we all mentally always been this way, but, just simply afraid of what others would say?
Has sex always been our main target, or love, or our love for freedom?

Sex Sells? Or Was Our Blood Already Boiling?
Does it really?
Are people more in love with vain attributes, that connect to their emotional needs. But, where do these vain attributes come from?

Sex is everywhere these days billboards, commercial, social networks, television and all over the internet. But, was this explicit nature already set in us, or does the media really contribute to this problem?
I guess it's the easy way out to blame someone else for your mishaps. But, does the media truly has that much power over people?? Did our freedom of thought come with a price? have we taken out a second mortgage on the media??

"Sexuality of today is not only influenced by human ancestry or religions. Sexuality of today is also influenced by the internal commercial society within societies—mainly western. According to a Time Magazine/CNN survey, 74% of teenagers said that friends and television were their main sources of sexual education. The fact that the average American child spends six to eight hours a day watching, listening to, or reading some form of media explains their reasoning behind these findings"Wikipediawiki/Human_sexuality
Sexuality has always been the root of our evil, and our enlightenment. It has helped our growth, and has also clouded our judgment... The media would always be connected to Generation Y. But, can we really blame the media, how openly sexual Generation Y is; The media only gives what the people want, and maybe our generation want the brazen truth; at any cost.

Okay, So tell you something you'd haven't heard? Just another set of words of L'amour, not wisdom... 
I love our brash generation, But I also despise our generation just for that same reason.
To hook-ups, friends with benefits, to even one night stands, and very brusque marriages.
And, I wonder when did this become acceptable?
Is Generation Y, & Generation X going to end up old maids, and bachelors.

I only wonder how the next generation would end up. Would the next generation want the traditional ways back? Or, worse than we are now?
Will our Independence, conquer our happiness? and all we will have in the end, just memories of our explicit generation, or just another red light special? lol

Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy 

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