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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Does Literature Love Taureans??

I am a sucker for the Taurus man. I don't know why. I've always have a soft spot for them.
I have come to the conclusion that literature loves the faulty hero/heroine persona.
I will admit I do too, lol.

The Taureans show all of those characteristic of the hero, & the heroine.
From Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy, to Rowley Flint, to even Lea de Lonval... It seems, that not only do the readers love Taurans characteristic, the authors admire these stand out traits also.
Mes amours, 
I must say. I went into investigator Nailah mode....
Literature/films adores this bull-headed character. The bad-boy type seems to intrigue us more.
Or maybe as readers we love the thought of change. Yet, who's better than the bull-headed guy, that l'amour a challenge?
The Sex Appeal Of The Of The Taurean
Matthew Macfadyen 
Fitzwilliam Darcy
Pride & Prejudice
The Prejudice, Then The Prideful
Taurus is ruled under Venus. The planet of art, love, sensuality, and yes a little vanity. However, Venus grips traits we hate, but love at the same time. The Taurus is  persistent. He/She knows their aspirations, and never stop trying to achieve what they aim for. And, with this determination Taurean just ooze sex appeal.

Maybe he/she is a little cocky, but love always softens they're heart, and makes the Taurus stronger in the end.....
Maybe it's not authors that loves this bull-headed character. Maybe it's just the readers? Do we love danger. Someone untouchable, unstoppable, and unreliable?  

Sean Penn as Rowley Flint
"Up At The Villa"
The Savoir 
Why The Taurus Man Prevail In Films & Novels
Taureans men have the charisma, and the drive that give off that "save the day" aura; it may take he awhile too see things straight, but eventually he would get it.
The Tauraus can prevail through anything. With hard work, and clear direction, and a simply change of heart.
If he wants you he's going to have you, and if he cannot he'll always make sure your protected & happy. That gives us women readers the chance to be vulnerable, wanted, and safe through imagination.

The tauraus shows the dramatic character flaws, and they're unwilling/willing to change for the better. Yet, somehow, someway the experience change him profoundly. 
Although, he's love for success, stubbornness, need for power, or that wicked temper can be he's weakness (A lovehero must always have a weakness). In the end, our Taureaus triumph is through the heart.
Margaret Hale 
Daniela Denby Ashe
"North & South"
The Stubborn One
Let's Not Forget Our Taurus Women....
Although, her ending may not always be the same as our Tauraus male. Although, she makes a big impact on her lover, that may change him forever.. and leave him an even better man, than before...She may leave brokenhearted, or leave with her prize.

Michelle Pfeiffer 
Lea de Lonval
The Downfall of Vanity, Lust, &
eventually love 
Don't We All Love An Happy Ending...
The Tauraus is a stubborn character, and sometimes unwilling to change.. Novels, & films challenged these characters, and change they're ways of life. Not only through love, but through friendship, and trust... Eventually, the Taureans realize beauty, wealth, or prejudice is one bundle of vanity.. But, love is much more powerful.

Each story leaves each character discovering themselves, and who they are. Even leaves them with more than their discoveries...leaves them with, that lovely word  "Love"
Which leaves an happy ending of completeness...
Maybe in the end they aren't the save your life characters, more like the characters that were made just for amour.....
Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy 

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