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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Albums fait Avec l'amour: Songs About Jane

I cant say this album was made out of love, more like a very bad break up album, and you know me I love a romance, just as much as I hate a heartbreak. awwww
 Break up albums always seems to capture my attention. It shows love at it worst, and the heart ache you have to go through to find either your worst enemy, or your soul mate. 
"Songs About Jane" is that bad breakup album; I hate you, but I need you, I can't have you, but I want you... But you drive me insane.. 
Am pretty sure we all been there!

Although, every song on this album is not so depressing; There's also some really colorful songs on this album. That are blissful... Makes you forget the worries, and see that better days are ahead (okay lame, but so true ).

"Song About Jane" is an album full of depth.. It's like your feeling Adam Levine's agony.. he describes why loves this women, and hate her at the same time.
 What such a wonderful romance!

After one disastrous album "The Fourth World", and one weird group name Kara's Flower. Now Maroon 5 found they're inspiration. That created the seventh best selling album in 2004. 
"Songs Of Jane" made "Maroon 5" career. This album was just simply amazing... every song on this track was edgy, sexy, maudlin, and yes even cute lol.  

My favorite song is "Must Get Out" and so many others. Whenever I play this album I always turn to this song.The meaning is just so deep.
"Songs About Jane" is an amazing album. I love the feel of it, love the lyrics, everything; Maroon 5 best album ... it's still an album made out of love, the dark side of love.

"Songs About Jane" showed how a bad relationship, always brings out the artiste in all of us. 
Amour Toujours
Nailah Darcy

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