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Monday, May 28, 2012

Albums fait Avec l'amour: Toni Braxton Album

I love this album to the core. 
I vividly remember watching Toni Braxton running through the maze; In her "Breathe Again " music video, and I was just in awe; and I still am. 
Beautiful woman, Beautiful voice, Beautiful album

This album has a "classical beauty essence aura". That brings you on a journey of an innocent women that's just ready to blossom, with a voice, and a sensitive heart.  
This is another example of Babyface's excellent producing skills... Everything, this man touches is like gold, that turns into honey.. that turns into beautiful Toni Braxton!!

This album is for every maudlin women. Its purely feminine. You can replay every song on this album, and it never seems to get annoying, boring, or overrated. You can feel every song, every word. This album is pure L'amour & innocence. This album is a lovely classic.
"Toni Braxton Album" describes a "love affair" that happen, there was so much love, but in the end it was just disastrous. 

"Candlelight", "Spending Time with You","I Belong To You" describes an enchanting  cinderella fairy tale. 
On the other hand, " You Mean The World To Me", "Love Shouda Brought You Home", "Breathe Again" describes a beauty and the beast love story.
Then, here comes the nightmare on elm street "Another Sad Love song","Seven Whole Days","Best Friend", describes the horrid break up. 
This album, seems describe a fanciful lover first relationship, ups & downs; that ends up a reprise. That makes you breath again.....

I love this album. Every song, every music video, to even the cover! omg amazing...
You know that one album that describe your personality, of who you are, how you think, feel, and somehow it would always be connected to you? Well, this is that album for me.

This is Toni Braxton first album, and my favorite by far...
Toni Braxton has proven she has the beautiful talent. She's made to tell love stories, with such a ballad voice...

This album is made out of love, because it is love... The pureness of love. That first love you'll would never forget, your first heartbreak. You'll be bewitched by every song . "Toni Braxton Album" shows the innocent side of a romance. To me this album would always be admired, cherished, and always softens my heart. 
Just an album that is a bliss of romance, & heartache.
Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy

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