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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Just Another Romantique Addict?

"Don't we all love l'amour
The feel of love
The the thought of l'amour
The tragedy of love
The make believe of l'amour
The lost world of love
And, hate what we were all taught what love is
Well here is my story of love"  Nailah D'arcy

I am a hopeless romantic. My life evolves around romance (as you see lol) but, I will admit the fantasy of  "Romance" is a little fault of mines, so if I am affected with this bug, am pretty sure many, many more are effected.
It's contiguous.. The worst!
I was that little girl wishing to be saved by a prince ( yes, another "Cinderella"story).. And yet, I am still that girl. However, I would hate to blame the films, literature, music etc, But, I will admit it has had a affect on me, and maybe many other people, or maybe I just have a fanciful imagination.
Do I think I have a problem? No... High expectations? God yes....

So, I did my little investigation!
Detective Nailah D'arcy reporting back to all the romantics.
What Is Romance? How Did It All Begin?
 "a medieval narrative, originally one in verse and in some Romance dialect, treating of heroic, fantastic, or supernatural events, often in the form of an allegory. the detention."

Romance became popular in the Middle Ages. 
Anyone could easily fall in love, with legends & fairy tales of a Knight's desperately in love willing to do whatever to be with he's lover, which turns into a heroic quest....
Come on, you cannot tell me you have not falling in love, or shed a tear over these wonderful tales...

And, this is where courtly love begins?
But, I am pretty sure courtly love had been around when "man" took he's first breath... Omg, am breathing now! (okay, lame but you love it, lol)

Romance may have became popular in the middle ages, because it was taboo to many. And, while some already experience courtly love, and loved the fact that romance is now exposed; not in a superficial way. But, as a true form of emotional love.
Why Is Romance So Popular?
Yeah, where did this mambo jumbo love serenity come from?

I was absolutely surprised that every definition I looked up describe 'Romance' as a "fantasy, tales, exaggeration"? what? no, no! romance is much more than a mere folk tale....

I know romance is much more popular on the screen than real life... But, that the question is why is it so popular?
Yeah, I know love, love, love... But do we all like the thought of love than actually real love?
Is love what we all desire in the end? or does it just make good folk tales & television shows etc? eh I hope not!
To me romance is popular, because it signifies hope of love and affection for what we all want to give, and receive. Am sure romance means something different to everyone.

The Problem With Romantic Novels, Films, Music, & Poetry..
Oh Yes Am Going There!
Yes, there is a problem..a unrealistic problem.. I know coming from me it's a little weird... lol
I believe it's an escape, to what we would all love romance to be.
It all dawned on me while I was watching the film "Like Crazy".

At first, I hated the fact the ending seemed undone.. Then I realized it was.
Yet, ask yourself have you every had a break-up ,and all those question you wanted to ask went unanswered? .. I'm pretty sure it went unanswered, at least once.

Although, we consider a film with a happy ending, a good ending?
Hmm? are we all scared of the unknown... quick to say a relationship is unhealthy because it's a challenge?

But, isn't that what life is all about? a challenge?

Literature is just as worst. Although a little more realistic than films. 
Novels are a little better because it brings the complexities of the character, and why they are the way they are, and how they got to where they are now, and why they made these decision, and mistakes.  
Yet, most of the time the ending always ends on a happy note..
Battle of Realism vs Fantasy.
Whereas, Harlequin novels, and Hallmark movies make romance a terrible joke. While music & poetry gives a realistic views of romance and love .. The hardship, the dept, the good, and the evil... So are we all just in love with love? and just love to embrace love from afar, than up close?
The Romantique  Conclusion.....
The illusion of love ... Yes the idealistic of romance can have some bad effects. Lead to high expectations, unrequited love & fatal attraction... Yes, fatal attraction.. Love would make you do the craziest things..
As we seen on Snapped! an Oxygen television. Let's never forget what happen to Lisa Nowak... 
~Not Words Of Wisdom, But Words Of Love~
Romance is universally. Somehow, someway, someday the cupid bug will have an  hold over us. But is it cupid? or is it what we where taught what love is?...
Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy
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