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Thursday, April 26, 2012

History Of Love: Ella Fitzgerald A Voice Of L'amour, But Never Found Her Amour!

Ella FitzgeraldA woman who sang from the heart and soul, but never found her heart and soul in anyone else.
Albeit, Ella Fitzgerald found love, & warmth in her sweet melody voice, and her devoted audience.

Ella Fitzgerald story of love, is not a tragedy, but a lovely story of lost loves.....or a never found lover....
I was in awe, when I noticed the"The Queen Of Jazz" had turbulent relationships; I almost couldn't believe it.. If anyone should have found love, it should of been Ms. Ella Fitzgerald. With such a velvet voice screaming for l'amour. Destiny or cupid got it all wrong!

Ella found love all in the wrong places.. Or maybe in her heart she couldn't love anyone, as much as she loved her music... or maybe her destiny was not to love, but to show others pure talent, and understand the meaning of true love...

So here's Ella Fitzgerald story of L'amour! 
"A lady fooled once, Proved twice, And, struck out the third time"

The first link to love, or marriage was Kenny Kornegay.
Even though, Ella First marriage to Kenny Kornegay is still questionabletill' this day; many are not sure if it's even true, that these two were married.
Although, this marriage was over before it even started ( if it ever started).

Kenny was a drug-dealer; but, Ella was no stranger to the world of crime. So, it's very possible that these two combined in marriage... who knows..
Ella Fitzgerald & Ray Brown
"Lovers of Jazz"

All alone after the death of her mentor, & close friend, would make anyone look for love in all the wrong places, and Ella found it with Kenny Kornegay.
This marriage screamed wrong. 
I am just happy Ella realized this, or maybe someone encourage her too, have this marriage annulled.
Because this marriage was disastrous. 

Ella Fitzgearld & Ray Brown
That was until Ray Brown.
Her marriage to Ray Brown never seemed like a love match, yet their union depict a very comfortable one.
Similar passions, dreams, and futures and even an adopted child; since Ella was unable to have children.
However, the sound of music brought them together, but also torn them apart.
Life as a musicians, put a damper on their marriage. Eventually this marriage ended in divorce, and it took a toll on Ella..
And, then there was him...
Thor Einar Larsen, a Norwegian producer.
Out of all the scammers in the world, Ella had to fall for this one. Nevertheless, this time it appeared Ms. Fitzgerald was absolutely in love with Thor.
In one of her interviews; Ella made it seemed that everyone tore the two of them apart, because it was a interracial relationship. 

Although, I think Thor being sentenced to five months hard labor in Sweden for stealing money from a young woman to whom he had previously been engaged; Was the end of their love affair.
I have a feeling someone influenced Ella to leave him; knowing he was no good for her in the first place. Using a woman with a sensitive heart, fo the chance to get near her currency. 
But, in my heart I feel she really loved Thor.

I guess this lady just kept on singing the blues in her love life, but jazz was her only calling.

           "I can't get started" by Ella Fitzgerald, is a song that reminds me of her relationship with Ray brown, and "Imagination"By Ella Fitzgerald reminds me of her relationship with Thor Einar Larsen. 

Ella struck out with love.. Just bad luck all around. success was in her grabs, but her love tank was never full.
In the end her voice was her only lover...

Happy Birthday Ms.Ella Fitzgerald
Amour Toujours 
Stay loved forever more....
Nailah D'arcy

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