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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Erotic Novel, Liaison, The Boyfriend Experience, & Celebrities Talking about Sex! Huh?

20/20 Special:
The New Sex Strange Arrangement's

I was watching a special last night on 20/20. This episode was quite interesting.
The topic was "New Sex" and each segments had it's own... As, they would say topic of taboo sexually relationships.....
Sexually morals are being tested. There's no winners or losers.

  • The first segment was all about the overly crazed novel called "Fifty Shades Of Grey" By E.L. James. Who apparently, was inspired by Stephenie Meyers "Twilight". But, this novel has a very naughty side.  A novelist inspired by "The Twilight Saga", but somehow got lost in BDSM?
E.L.James describe "Fifty Shades Of Grey" To be A love story with a little kink".

I loved how modest E.L.James throughout this interview. She seemed to be surprised by all her success. Although, I am not a fan of erotic novels. I had my fix some years ago, lol. Yes, I got away from that bookmark, and went straight lol. Took me some years, but I am clean. I swear!

  • The second segment was about a family, and no not a typical family. An open marriage family? 
Each has their own family, but mix-& match with a sexual relationships, with other married couples, and singles. But, they all consider themselves as a family.
Their children are aware that "their family" is an open marriage family?

Sounds kinda of confusing.. I know, I am getting confused just writing about it.
Overall, they all seems to be are very happy.
This is becoming very popular, I see these type of "families" show up more, and more on television. I would not say I agree. But, too each their own.
  • The Third segment, was a very interesting one.
Gigolos! yes, Gigolos! lol
I've always thought a gigolo was an escort, but in this episode the men claimed that they were not. Claiming their just there to show the women, a good time. Although, this good time comes with a price.
Even though sex is not part of the deal, am pretty sure it will eventually happen...

The woman that was interviewed seem to love the attention. And, was very open about her her relationship with a her "Gigolo"; and didn't seem to mind taking her gigolo on trips to Paris, buying him expensive shoes, and let's not forget he's fee for he's time.

It seems that woman are are more comfortable, with dominate roles with their consort.
Is this a good thing, or a bad thing?
Because I feel women, are more sensitive when sex is involved.
Like I said before, to each their own!
  • The Fourth segment, was all about A new talk show on lifetime called "The Conversation" a sexy new talk show, that touches topics that are very taboo & and intimate with celebrities. 20/20 interviewed to the host, Amanda de Cadenet. 
Amanda de Cadenet discussed her past relationships, and her thoughts on women & sex.

Words Of Wisdom, & L'amour 
I would say our generation, is a very openly sexually generation. Am not sure if this a bad thing or a good thing?.. That's for to ask yourself......
I wish I can say love comes in all shapes and sizes.
But, in this case, all I can say is sex comes in array of arrangement's.

This Time for Sure Stay Glamours & Scandalous! lol
rester glamour et scandaleux
Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy 

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