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Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Distance Between Us, Made Us Like Crazy

A charming film
that left us with us with an unfinished romance business! ( lol ok, another lame quote. But I am quite sure your use to it now lol)
"Like Crazy" is a story of how a complex life changes us, even if we are"Like Crazy" over someone. Although, true love does stands the test of time; but would we every know when it has run it's course? or did we learn what we needed to learn from this relationship? and when is it time to let it go.......
This film starts off very innocently, and quickly steams off to a more intense love...
Another case of what should of been, had to be, but life didn't want it to be.
Jacob (Anton Yelchin) and Anna (Felicity Jones) are two young college students, and these two lovers had cupid on their side, and you know what happens next!
Ding, Ding, Ding
Yes, that wonderful word Love.....
Although, through the mist of their love, they have not forgotten that Anna is here only on a student visa. 
Yet, it only becomes a problem when Anna purposely overstayed her student visa... and soon after that everything seems goes into turmoil.

Due to the separation they allow each other to date other people (big mistake!). 

Albeit, soon after they marry each other for the wrong reason (another whammy!).... All the signs were there...To let it go. 
Jacob and Anna just could not let go.
Although, the story does end on a happy note Anna.. Somewhat....
Anna's ban from the United States was lifted, and leaves the everything in the UK to be with Jacob.
The film ends very strangely. Jacob & Anna reflecting back on what was their relationship...

Destiny had other plans for these two. Even though destiny lost in this case, resistance and obsession kept these two together. 
But was it meant to be?
It seem the Like Crazy part is over.
~Not Words Of Wisdom But Words Of Love~ 
I will say overall this was a very cute film. Starring some really new talent, which I loved.
I loved how this film shows the doubt of first love, and how innocent it can be... and how the not knowing can be scary and stimulate at the same time.
Not A typical Hollywood Love Story...
A realistic love story.. I love it.
"Like Crazy" is a very intimate film. Makes you feel like you're actually invade a true love story. The overpowering of intensity, and sadness cascade you. Makes past memories of a horrid breakup relevant and questionable..  
All the actors did an amazing job...
4 out 5 
For its innocent charm!
Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy 
Anton Yelchin as Jacob 
Felicity Jones as Anna
Jennifer Lawrence as Sam
Charlie Beweley as Simon
Oliver Muirhead  & Alex Kingston  as Bernard & Jackie

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