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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Shakespeare Fraud Of Wit?

I've finally seen "Anonymous". 
What an amazing movie.
I would hate to describe this film from head to toe, because it must-see, so no spoiler alert!
"Anonymous" is a complicated film, with many twist and turns. Actually a little to many, but hey that's life right?

Elizabethan Era, films are always the best with amazing costumes, drenched with history, and little romance due to Robert Dudley, 1st Earl of Leicester.
Although, in this film you see a very bad side of Elizabeth Tudor; 
more like her lusty father, and less like her goal driven mother.
Elizabeth seems more like whiny brat, than the strong independent women you seen in other films, and novels.
Also, I was very happy to see Robert Deverux 2nd Earl Of Essex not depicted as a spoil brat, and more so of a man with some common sense.

On the other hand, this film paints a portrait of a silly, money hunger William Shakespeare. Who is actually quite funny throughout this drama.

Anonymous presented how greed & power can go so far, and how lead us all to destruction, and how easily talent can be wasted....
Anonymous gives another alternative of history, of the Tudor reign. It's nothing like what you probably learned in the history books.
Albeit, the main question is who is the author of all these amazing Shakespearean plays?

 This has been a debate for many years. There has been many others who has been named such as, William Stanley, 6th Earl of Derby, Christopher Marlowe, Sir Francis Bacon, and Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford

Nevertheless, this film presents Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford as the Author of all William Shakespeare plays.
It also presents Edward de Vere  turbulent life . The struggle of one talented man, who had the talent, but could not use it due to his station in life. Yet, through it all it just wasn't enough, and left him loner than before.
Sebastian Armesto as Ben Jonson

Amazing movie full of realism, depth, emotions, passion, lust, and incest .
For my drama fans this is a must-see. Costume was amazing, the actors where top-notch, the scenery was beautiful! (in a dreary way lol).
Sebastian Armesto, did amazing job. Wonderful actor.

My only problem was with the time jumping. It was very easy to get confused with who is who etc.
I would suggest first timers to look up a little history facts, before watching this film; it would help you with the time-jump.

My overall ratings
10 out 10 This film was pure perfection, exquisite!
Amour Toujours
Nailah D'arcy 

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