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Friday, March 16, 2012

Nailah's Favorite Poem Friday!

May Song 

How fair doth Nature 

Appear again! 
How bright the sunbeams! 

How smiles the plain! 

The flow'rs are bursting 

From ev'ry bough, 
And thousand voices 

Each bush yields now. 

And joy and gladness 

Fill ev'ry breast! 
Oh earth!--oh sunlight! 

Oh rapture blest! 

Oh love! oh loved one! 

As golden bright, 
As clouds of morning 

On yonder height! 

Thou blessest gladly 

The smiling field,-- 
The world in fragrant 

Vapour conceal'd. 

Oh maiden, maiden, 

How love I thee! 
Thine eye, how gleams it! 

How lov'st thou me! 

The blithe lark loveth 

Sweet song and air, 
The morning flow'ret 

Heav'n's incense fair, 

As I now love thee 

With fond desire, 
For thou dost give me 

Youth, joy, and fire, 

For new-born dances 

And minstrelsy. 
Be ever happy, 

As thou lov'st me! 

Written By Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

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Amour Toujours
Nailah D'arcy  

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