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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Leave It To One Creepy Guy, To Make Romance Weird!

 I have been contemplating on writing a post on science fiction. But, I love romance even when it's presented in a weird form.
Hey, they never lie loves come in all shapes, sizes, and science huh?
I love Fringe (I know, am a nerd lol)
Although, this show is based on super natural matters; There is a lovely romance between Olivia Dunham & Peter Bishop.
After a very long three week break. Fringe debut this Sunday. And, presented a romantic episode, and one creepy lovesick science guy.....
If you do not know what's fringe is about.
Fringe is an astounding science fiction television show that presents a unorthodox mysteries surrounds our universe, and a parallel universe. Also, a screaming promise of amour.
Basically, another Twilight Zone...With it's own little twist in the world of the FBI.

This episode "A Short Story About Love" was all about a killer of romance? 
Yes, everyone a killer of romance! 
Capital Offense! 
Off with he's head
The plot goes just like this:
One weird lonely guy who wants to experience love through everyone's expense. So that means those in love must suffer. Typical serial killer... The worst serial killer of them all!
His objective is to kill couples that are madly in love.
He kills the husband/boyfriend for this lovesick potion, just to drug up their lover for his sick obsession of wanting to be loved.
This is not love, this what I call lovesick itch...

Yet, the story always shifts between Olivia Dunham & Peter Bishop.
Science, serial killer, love, loneliness, destiny, and Olivia Dunham & Peter Bishop. Although this time it was just a short story of love..........
Mes Amours
This love saga is not over! 
This is a certified romanticized love affair, so don't miss out! 
"They would not let you go... I believe you humans call it love"
Amour toujours
Nailah D'arcy

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