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Thursday, March 29, 2012

History Of L'amour: Diane de Poitiers

The King's Mistress:
I've always been enchanted by Diane de Poitiers. A well poised lady, refined, gracefully, and oh so beautiful.
Diane was not just the mistress to one king, but two, father and son. I have to admit I respect her survival mechanisms.
Diana de Poitiers was a french noblewomen, the daughter of Jean de Poitiers.
Diane was known for her beauty, intellect, discipline, and sense of duty, which made her highly desired at court. She took her position in life very seriously, like many women in her station. Could it be she used her sexually prowess for advancement? or was she just as lovesick as Henri II?

At the age 15 Diane married Louis de Brézé, seigneur d'Anet, which was not a love match, but a comfortable marriage. Diane gave birth to two daughters; Françoise de Brézé and Louise de Brézé. 

Although, this beauty couldn't go that long without being untouched by another... Eventually, Diane became Francis I mistress.
Diane became Francis I mistress only to save her father from being condemned to death as an accomplice of the constable de Bourbon. While, this is only rumor (but could be very true, you never know)
Although, Diane held little power over Francis I, although Diane had much more of a hold over Henri II, Francis I heir.

Henri II Of France
Henri II was 19 years younger than Diane. And very much in love with Diane, too much in love with his mistress that made his wife Catherine de' Medici beyond jealous; and Diane wasn't helping either; growing more beautiful as she aged.

Although, Catherine & Henri II did produce 10 children, only because Diane advise the king to make sure he produces an heir. Diane wrote all of the Kings official letters; Henri also gave her a royal prestigious title of Duchess of Valentinois, and Duchesse d'Étampes; and even had the Château d'Anet built for her... Talk about the power of the P.......
Which that by it'self should tell you this woman had a lot of power.

But, the question is was it love? or unrequited love...
There aren't that many letters saved, only a few by Henri written to Diane. Although, all letters from Diane were burnt, upon her request.
The letters show more of a mother, and son relationship.... with a mist desperation of wanting to be loved.
All good things come to an end.
On Henri II death bed, it's said he called out her name, but Diane was not permitted to see him at all, and was not invited to attend he's funeral.
Catherine de' Medici took full control, and years of jealously & mistreatment by Diane, lead to Diane banishment from court.

Diana de Poitiers lived a very peaceful, and quite life. Until her death in 1566, she died at the age 66.
Diana de Poitiers story is not very complex at all; very simple, but somehow very intriguing... 
Although I don't agree with her method  nonetheless, I will say this she was very much loved. While many of us search for love, love was clearly in her face..
And, this is why Diana de Poitiers  story would always be a story of L'amour.
Amour Toujours
Nailah D'arcy

Thank You,  Andreas Ardus for the correction, and e-mail ;)

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