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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Albums fait Avec l'amour: Mozart's Sister Original Soundtrack

I was in such a hurry too see Mozart's Sister, that I completely overlooked that this dvd also, comes with a soundtrack.
You should of seen my face, I was like a kid in a candy story! 

This film depicted of two young women in the wrong century, with men aspirations... which left their talent silenced, and unspoken..
Marie-Jeanne Serrero described this film so well with her musical talents.
The intensity presented in this soundtrack is air-borne! 
You will fly into a beautiful world, full of music, and beauty.

This is another story of classical music, that presents you a story of it's own.
This album is simply amazing, with a hint of desperation, and sadness.

Marie-Jeanne Serrero brings the essence of innocence to the forefront.

The Power
The Struggle
The Lust
The Lost
Turns into a beautiful melody. Absolutely breath-taking.

Yet, this soundtrack does has a fault. The length of each song is very short, and brief.
Also, I am not a big fan of the harpsichord, but to each their own.
Overall my ratings
10 out 10
Bravo Marie-Jeanne Serrero

I think the soundtrack comes along with the DVD. So am not sure if you can buy the album by itself.  Yet, if your a classical music fan, I would suggest buying this film. 
It's amazing!

Amour Toujours
Nailah D'arcy

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