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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Albums fait Avec l'amour: Icon: Ella Fitzgerald Love Songs

Icon: Love Songs: Ella Fitzgerald 
For all those jazzy lovers out there, here is the first lady of song Ella Fitzgerald!

Here is a woman who sing from the heart, body and soul.
I love this album, even though there are many, many stupéfiant Ella Fitzgerald albums! But, this album is the best for the first time listener, and course my hopeless romantics. 

This album is smooth, and calming, and full of love! You will always have a song sang with love when it's coming from this goddess of jazz... 
This album is for those lonely nights or lovely nights with your lover..

Ella Fitzgerald is an amazing woman inside and out. There would never be another one like. Her musical talents are untouchable. She's known as one of the greatest jazz singers all time, and to me she is the greatest jazz singer all time!

Songs you would fall in love with on this album!
Just One Of Those Things
From This Moment On
I've Got A Crush On You

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