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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How To Spot A Romantic!

I am a hopelessly romantic! And, if you are afraid of us lol; these are little tips to know if you have a romantic on your hands.
Either you can run from us, or devour in our love( Aww corny, but aww that was cute lol).
Here Are 9 Signs You Should Look For!
9.The way he/she talks!
If  he/she talks about romance like a Disney fairy tale! oh yes you've got yourself a romantic! A big one!. This one can be somewhat annoying, because they constantly remind you of what they want!
And you may feel you cannot stand up to her/his standards!
Aww, don't worry your still the one we want!

8.The music he/she listens too!
Yes! those silly love songs.. If he/she favorite songs are of falling in love, or a break up song, or an I cant live without you song!
Ding, Ding you got yourself a romantic; In this case a hopelessly romantic!

7.We got ourselves a weeping tear shredder!... Awww lol
He/She cries at every happy ending, or every romantic movie!
The over-emotional type! lol. This one you do not have to be afraid of , unless he/she has all of the 9 signs, then your safe!
But be ready to drenched in tears! lol

6. He/She has a dream guy/girl!
Omg! these are the worst ones of them all! because you will never amount to what we dream up!
This is another case of the wonderful world of imagination!
The day dreamer!
We love to make up little stories of our dream guy/girl in our minds, and can be very content with our day dreams ( I bet you wondering why am still single lol).
Be very cautious with this one! our dreams are bigger than ourselves!

5. If  He/She has a big collection of nothing but romantic movies!
Yes! you got yourself a hopelessly dramatic romantic! and yes I said dramatic!
Because we live in our movies. We love the trials & tribulations to get to that good loving! So be prepared to go on a roller-coaster with this one!
If you every hear the mention of Ryan Gosling or Channing Tatum, Brad Pitt, George Clooney
You better be prepared to fill in some very tight shoes, maybe a little too tight haha!

4.The women/men, he/she admires!
Yes, the people he/she admires.
Why? because you admire this person for a reason, not just for their beauty, style etc. 
Most of the time you will share the same views, or he/she is more willing to follow the person they admire.
This is a tricky one.
Because you can admire someone today, and hate them tomorrow... Or you can admire someone until the ends of days!

3. She/He writes poetry!
This means He/She is very intense, and feels things on another level.
Here is your next stop to another roller coaster. lol.
Now here is a person you do not want to piss off! lol
I think we all have read love that turns into hate poems! lol
Some of the most intense people in the world are poets... so please do not forget that, be on guard with this one!...
I should know I write poetry! lol

2. He/she has posters all over their wall of men & women!
Most likely he/she will compare them to you.
Another pair of shoes you have to fill, or it could be another faze that eventually wear itself out ... who knows!

1. He/She reads romantic novels!
Not a shock huh? well let me tell you why this one is number one; watching a romantic movie is great, but when you read the novels it's much more intense, the desire for love is much more strong!
Movies hold romantic moments, but a novel last forever in a romantic bliss!
Every paged is filled with love!

... I guess I just filled in the gaps why you should not date me! Or why I am still single! lmao!
But, hey I am a romantic, and if anyone should give you warning signs, it should be me! lol
And too my romantics stay Romantic and proud lmao!

Happy Valentines Mes Amours!
Amour Toujours
Nailah D'arcy 

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