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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Goddesses Of Thee Dii Consentes

Venus is unusual unbiased and delusional
Innocently lovely & mystical
Vain and unpredictable

Aphrodite is the most beautiful with a exotic flair
that's willing to share, with her husband to spare

Eros, son of this exotic Aphrodite, or Venus.
Cupid is he's name
Lust is he's appetite, love is he's game....
So be ready to play the love game.
He's already won with psyche, A love won by a horrid fight.
With a mother to vain to care.

Athena Pallas gets lost between those of love ..
To her they seem whimsical, blue and full of lies.
She the mistress of wisdom, and wife of combat  

Minerva another virgin, but of poetry
Competitive nature
Sound and full of wisdom,
But Chasity was her only taker.
Seems these two are connected by a loyal maker.

Juno the protector, the savior
The genius of opposed feminine nature
Who could blame her?
The virgin of personality
diminished in sexuality.

Vengeful Hera
Jealously was her force by nature.
The goddess of women, and marriage and of course nature...
What such a evil women, with such a kind status.

Ceres a loving mother of all
she grows crops and smiles at them all
Loves the thought of children
fertile in her heart, and loving parts

Demeter goddess over harvest.
Sister of Zeus, and once was pursed by Poseidon
Chased into lust.. her fertility never let her down thus
Vesta no one has every seen her
Keeps the preservation of her virginity, with fire in her dignity

Hestia goddess of architect and will always be connected to Vesta
These virgins loves to play with fire and despises hatred, and disorder

Eternally young virgin Diana
Hunts and kills and has many skills
lovely womanly parts, but a heart and passion of a god.

Artemis the hunter, no luck with love
But struck gold with blood...

These mythology goddess symbol holiness and sinfulness 
Uses their godliness in their own way
Set in stone still til today 
They have a hold over us in many ways
In the sky, history and in our lives of every day astrology 
These goddesses are here to stay. 
 by Nailah D'arcy 

Amour Toujours
Nailah D'arcy

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