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Monday, February 20, 2012

Boy Stalks Girl,Boy Meets Girl, Falls In Love With Girl, & Leaves Girl & Boy Realized She's the Love Of He's Life ! Aww LOL

There's nothing better than a great romance to ruin a perfectly good friendship.
A Lot Like Love!
This film is a not so great, but a not so bad film either!

Oliver Martin and Emily Friehl tends to meet each other in the worst times in their lives, best times, and the horrible times; just for that they may have lost each other... This is love that comes with a price!

These two first meet on a flight from Los Angeles to New York, before the two of them meet Oliver takes random photos of Emily (yea a little odd, but romantic in it's own odd way! lol). The two finally meet, and hit it off immediately; mostly lust! le grand sexe in the bathroom, lol but there is romantic spark between these two.
Afterwards Emily plays hard to get, and totally ignores Oliver..
Faith brings these two back together again.
While Oliver losses hes's jacket, he also finds Emily once again.

Oliver tells Emily he's hopes and dreams for the future, she doubts he would be capable of doing it.. Oliver gives her he's number, and says call me in six years to see if I am successful.

Emily eventually calls Oliver on New Years Eve; Out of desperation of having to spend it alone, and after a disastrous breakup.  The two meet for dinner, then the next stop a New Years Eve party... Eventually these two part, once again.

A few years later, Oliver is now settled in San Francisco, with a new girlfriend and he's business going well. The relationship between the he's new girlfriend is coming to an end, but this breakup brings Oliver back to Emily.. well basically Oliver goes to her to vent. blah! lol
This time Emily is smitten, while Oliver just needs someone to talk to. The spark is still there. Sadly this reunion ends quickly like the rest of their meetings.

Oliver sets off to New York for work, but he's business tanks, and he moves back with he's family.
While Emily is doing well as a professional photographer, and also she engaged. There is a problem, Emily cannot forget Oliver....
Oliver is back to he's stalking days and waits for her by her gallery, this does not work; So he makes a bold move, Oliver stands outside her door and sings to her (aww!)
Emily tells Oliver he is too late, she engaged... Oliver leaves

6 months later Emily is having second thoughts, and starts to second guess her choice. And starts to see that Oliver is the man she is love with.... I will not tell you the ending I'll just show you!
Overall, this was a lovely film! With some very great moments and some not so great moments! I would say it's a cute little movie when your completely bored, and you want to see a somewhat made up Lifetime movie!
My ratings
2 1/2 out 5
P.s You can watch this movie on YouTube!
Amour toujours
Nailah D'arcy
Ashton Kutcher as Oliver Martin 
Amanda Peet as Emily Friehl
Tyrone Giordano as Graham Martin 
Kal Penn as Jeeter
Kathryn Hahn as Michelle & Amanda Peet as Emily & Ali Larter as Gina

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