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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Before There Was Romeo & Juliet......There Was Tristan & Isolde

A Heartfelt Dark Ages Film!

Right after the fall of the Roman Empire, Britannia was in turmoil.
The Celts, Angels, and Jutes plan to finally come together, after many years of mistreatment from the Irish King Donnchadh.
Once King Donnchadh discovers that he's enemies are planning a peace treaty among all the British tribes, he sends an army to scare, and kill many lives. This treaty could have destroyed he's power.

Tristan father, and mother were among those who got killed. Tristan was left a orphan; out of guilt the leader of the peace treaty, Lord Marke looks after Tristan as if he was he own son.
Lord Marke sees that young Tristan has a talent in warfare.

Then bada boom-bada bang
Tristan grows up to be a very, very, fine young man (lol) A daring, courageous, and very, very  sexy warrior.
Tristan & Lord Marke, admiration for each other is very evident; which makes others very jealous.

Eventually, another war starts between Irish slave caravan and the Cornish.
Tristan is wounded very badly. Soon everyone thinks he's deceased, and put Tristian body in a funeral boat into the sea, what they do not know is Tristan has only been poisoned, and going through the effects.

Although, I guess it turned out good for him. Tristan is found by Isolde and her overprotective maid Bragnae.  Bragnae is very skeptical about Isolde nursing Tristan. Isolde is fawning over Tristan, that Bragnae nagging does not bother her, at all.

It was love at first sight!

While Isolde is nursing Tristian, she gives him a false name. The two of them eventually fall in love with each other.
Due to disturbance Tristan had to flee, or be killed. When he returns home everyone is speechless, but very happy he's alive and safe.

While back in Ireland, King Donnchadh is plotting to take over Britain. Donnchadh wants to marry off he's daughter Isolde for a peace treaty, but Donnchadh makes into a game... well a tournament.
For whom every wins, wins he's daughter as a prize and a peace treaty.

Tristian goes into the tournament for Lord Marke, and wins.. Although, Tristian does not know the prize is the women he fell in love with that given him a false name. While in Isolde head she won the best prize of them all, she won Tristian.
Soon she figures she is not to marry Tristian, but Lord Marke. Despite the fact, Isolde grows to like Lord Marke for he's kind, and caring nature.

Tristan is torn between the woman he loves, and the man that always loved him as a son.
Passion lead these two back together..and the affair begins.

Lord Wictred discovered Tristan and Isolde were having an affair.
Power and greed lead him to King Donnchadh.
Soon Donnchadh, and Lord Wictred conspire a plan to use this affair to over throne Lord Marke.

Ultimately, Tristan decides to end the relationship and tells Isolde.. as Tristan attempts to end the relationship... The two of them get caught by all Britannia kings.
Lord Marke is pissed (wouldn't you? lol) but agrees to hear Isolde side of the story... And soon decides to left her go.
Lord Marke offers the two of them to run away together, Tristian does not want to leave, because it was their love that brought down a kingdom. Tristan stays and fight for his king (corny, I know, but it was cute at that moment, lol)
Tristan & Lord Marke wins back loyalty from the soldiers & kings at the last minute, and united them all to fight and not give up.
The battle Between Britain and the Irish was deadly, Although Britain won the war.. Tristan takes he's last breath with he's last words "You were right. I don't know if life is greater than death. But love was more than either."

Isolde make sure Tristan is buried in their little lover spot (awww! together forever lol), which was a Roman villa. And upon her death she was buried their also.

The plants two willows by the grave, which grow intertwined.
Lord Marke ruled in peace until he's death.

Cute Movie! but, history wise a little off.
I loved the intensity James Franco was giving in this film, OMG! it was hotttt! I love Rufus Sewell; he plays the sweet, kind, gentle good guy so well; as always.
Sophia Myles was beyond beautiful in this film!

I'll give this film
3 out 5
Because it was not perfect. But, yet some amazing moments! lol

Amour Toujours
Nailah D'arcy

James Franco as Tristan 
Sophia Myles as Isolde
Rufus Sewell as Lord Marke of Cornwall 
Mark Strong as Lord Wictred
Henry Cavillas as Melot 
David O'Hara as King Donnchadn
Bronagh Gallagher as Brognae

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