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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Wimps turns into limbs
Lies and games are in disguise
Roam around with a mask, and hats & taping shoes that match.
Chimps turns into chumps
With lumps, humps, and bumps that picks, and love ticks
Eats, and scratch
Underneath what you would call a terrible hatch.
Love turns into hate
Despise, love and terrible aches
One that runs and snatch and loves underneath what you would call a horrible rug
Hugs, and tugs at the hearts for affectionate love.
Mix turns into a match
Loves turns into a colorful patch..which turns into a horrible match.
Ticks turns into tocks
With locks
That tugs at the hearts that were founded, and snatched and where landed in a terrible wretched.
Lives turn into Life
That laughs with all he's might
We all play part in the game that turns into... life..When the lights goes out it's just but a game of dice that turns into ice, and how nice you can play with a smile on your face, or with luck in your place.
Written By
Nailah D'arcy
Amour Toujours

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