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Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Tower, Death, Astrology, Coronation, Queen! Huh?

Yes, that voodoo-who-knew-you-do lol.
Have you every wondered, why Queen Elizabeth I picked this exact day for her coronation? Astrology had a lot to do with it. 
 Queen Elizabeth I astrologist John Dee, played a huge part in her life, and of course her coronation, and future.

John Dee is well-known as one of the most educated men of his time. Yet, instead of a position of readership at the University Of Oxford, John Dee became a Worshipful Company of Mercers in court for financial advancements.

In 1555 Queen Mary was in the reign, John Dee reputation was destroyed by casting horoscopes of Queen Mary, and Elizabeth Tudor. Which lead to his arrest, for treason.
Queen Elizabeth Coronation Natal Chart

It wasn't until 1558, that John Dee gained his good reputation retained, when Queen Elizabeth took the throne. Upon request, John Dee configured the best day for Elizabeth coronation.

John Dee played a big role in politics, and was one of Queen Elizabeth I, most trusted advisers on astrological, scientific, navigating, math, and astronomy matters.

Queen Elizabeth I, was known to have a big interest in the supernatural, astrology, and magic.

Furthermore, John Dee last years of his life ended in poverty. 

John Dee did not have a position at court after the death of Queen Elizabeth I.
King James I, was not a believer in the supernatural. Which left John without a consisted income.
Astrology will always be connected too history, even the most notably people in history have used Astrology. 

I myself, love astrology. 
Queen Elizabeth I, & John Dee were brought together through they're love for astrology.
Which may have had a big impact on how Elizabeth reign. 

Like I've always said love, & destiny comes in all shapes, and sizes & astrology??..

Amour Toujours
Nailah D'arcy

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