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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Lustful sinful ways, dirty appetite and ludicrous devilish ways
With whom taught you these ways...
Lewd far above crude, allured in the nude by beauty of you
fascinated highlights of sinful thoughts of you,
Shameful blamable me
Lost into what is corrupt... into a seed.
Morals are losing me... Wickedness has a hold over me.

Treacherous fool 
Lecherous you
Ways I thought was untrue, 
Virtueless wanton
Buxom and flaunt it
You must tell me 
With whom you learned these ways?
Tricks I never taught you anyways.
I  long for your lust in many ways
I long to treat, embellish, test in many flattering ways
Passion has a hold over me  
In a passionate sinful way
that may destroy me any minute or any day.
Written by
Nailah D'arcy
Séjour glamour et scandaleux

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