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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Lovely Couple? No, Just A Odd Couple!.. Aren't We All?

Taboo: Odd Couples

Last night I was watching one of my favorite television shows "Taboo" on the National Geographic Channel. I ended up watching this episode "Odd Couples"
As most know, most of the time these episode are pretty out there.. 
But, not this episode.

The first couple we meet were Cristianne & Jeremy. Jeremy Bowden and Cristianne Ray are a normal couple (well to me, this couple seems normal). Society only sees that Christie is two-feet-tall with a rare dwarfism, while Jeremy is six-feet four-inches. They're not an odd couple, I think. The two of them seem so much in love that you would forget the difference in height. I did not find this couple to be so taboo... but, tender love, that blows over those in identical height relationships. 
So, if this relationship is taboo, then we are fools in love lol.

Now the next couple to me is pretty taboo. Troy, Lon & Dany. and no this not the Brady Bunch lol, 
More like a love "Triad", which they call "Polyamorous" and on top of that they all have other relationships outside the "Triad"... Yes, taboo. Although, they do seem to be a happy family, and "somewhat" normal (but what is normal?). The "Triad" claims they have a upper hand on the jealousy in there "Triad", and jealousy between them never happens.

All in all, this odd "Triad" seems to be smitten with each partner in they're group.
But, like our "Western Society" I believe in monogamy. 
To each their own. I do not agree with they're lifestyle, but at the end of the day it's all what suits you, and what makes you happy.
No one has the right to tell you who you can love.  
So Bravo to this "Triad"!

The third couple... well not a couple anymore. More like the undercover brotha who got caught with he's pants down lol.. In smaller terms a relationship full of betrayal, and secrets.
David and Lisa seem to have a fantastic marriage in the first few years into their marriage. Until the sex completely stopped. Lisa knew he was having a affair, but not with a man. Soon, Lisa figures out, David is gay. The marriage is over.. .. I also, do not know why this was consider taboo, because this happens often.
Words Of L'amour.........
Overall,  this episode was quite interesting  
I love going into other people lives, that are real, and not so overly done like many other reality shows.
Yet, afterwhile tons of women in the same room, fighting over pity things can become very tiresome, and tedious.
I love going into the lives of real people, who go about love in a unique way. 
Loves comes in all shapes and sizes, triad, & sex; at the end of the day it's whats makes you happy; and if it is a odd, who cares... love is love.........

Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy
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