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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Jane Eyre

I must say this was the hardest novel I've ever read, because it was the first literature classic I've ever read. I will add that  "Jane Eyre" was the most realistic novel, I've ever read! lol. 
Well, somewhat....
They never lie, love comes with good times and very bad times, and it will take it's time to get to you. Ones that stand the test of time, is true love! and this was l'amour!
"Jane Eyre" is very interesting. The novel reminds you of the guy who constantly teased you, but was infatuated with you.

The story starts with 10-year-old orphan Jane Eyre, in a verbally & physically abusive household. 
Mrs. Sarah Reed made her husband a promise on he's death bed, to always look after Jane he's niece . Until, Mrs. Reed broke her promise to her husband and sent Jane to boarding school .

Lowood School For Girls, was basically a horror scene.. Jane soon becomes known as a liar by Mr. Brocklehurst headmaster of Lowood, but in the mist of chaos; Jane finds a friend in Helen Burns, and finds compassion in Miss Temple.
All the students turn ill, due to cold rooms, no food, thin clothing.. Eventually the school improves, when the benefactors discovery that Mr. Brocklehurst has neglect he's duties as schoolmaster. Eventually some pupils illness turns into death, Helen is among those who dies ( this was the saddest part of the novel).

Years go by, Jane grows up, leaves Lowwood for a position as a governess to Adele Varens at Thornfield Hall.

Eventually, Mr. Edward Fairfax Rochester returns to Thornfield Hall. Mr. Rochester who has an air of a Byronic hero. Mr. Rochester is fascinated by Jane, he finds her odd and constantly test her, A lovely dual! lol.
Thornfield Hall is becoming stranger, and stranger by the day. Late at night doors open, strange laughs; it's getting pretty awkward. And soon Jane saves Mr. Rochester from a fire, (strange lol). Many other unusual mishaps. 
Jane get's word that her Aunt is dying, and her dying wish is to see Jane one last time. 
Mrs. Reed is still full of hate for Jane, even on her death bed, But feels the need to repent for her sins by giving Jane a letter. 
Once Jane reads the letter, she finds out it's from a far off relative. Her uncle, who was childless and wanting Jane as an heir.
Jane instantly notices the date was years ago, when she attended Lowwood school, and she confronts her Aunt about it, Mrs. Reed admits that she told him that Jane died at Lowwood School from tuberculous.

Eventually her Aunt dies, and she returns to Thornfield Hall, to an unexpected visitor, the fabulous Miss. Blanche Ingram. 
Jane is shocked, and somewhat jealous when she soon realizes that Blanche Ingram is engaged to be married to Mr. Rochester.
Mr. Rochester has no affection for Ms. Ingram, and soon proclaims he's love for Jane, Aww (pretty creepy moment, but heartfelt lol) and proposes marriage.

Jane is very excited about her engagement. Everyone seems to be on the edge about the engagement, especially Mrs. Alice Fairfax (The Housekeeper). Who sincerely care about them both, and do not want either one of them to get hurt. Eventually, that does happen.

The wedding day is here! everything is going perfect until...Mr. Mason appears and declares Mr. Rochester  is already married to his sister! Jane is in shocked. 
Bertha Mason is Mr. Rochester wife. The match was desired by his father, for financial gain. But, Bertha is insane, and the main reason for spooky nights at Thornfield Hall, she uncontrollable.

Mr. Rochester begs Jane to go with him to Paris, to live as husband and wife. Jane refuses to go against her principles. And leaves.

With no where to go, Jane wonders around hungry, no where to live ( this is where the novel gets very boring and tedious, most movies leave out this part lol).
From starvation, cold temperatures Jane faints, and find kindness in Diana, Mary, and St. John Rivers. Who gives her food, clothing and shelter.  Soon Jane regains her health, and is now looking for work. St. Johns Rivers finds her a position as a teacher at a charity school.

St. Johns Rivers grows to like Jane more, and more ( but almost like a sister) Soon he figures out her true identity, and finds out that this chick is rich! lol. Jane also discovers that she's related too Diana, Mary, and St. John Rivers; and shares her inheritance with her new family.

St. Johns Rivers wants to marry Jane so they may travel for missionary work in India, but not because he loves her because she would make a suitable missionary wife. 
Jane rejects St. Johns Rivers marriage proposal, and Runs ol' back to Mr. Rochester. Jane discovers that Martha committed suicide, and Mr. Rochester lost a hand and eyesight ( Yeah, you always get them back when they are are broken lol j.k). Eventually this wonderful union, becomes marriage!

I haven't read this novel in many years, I read this novel with my favorite teacher. Every time I pick up this novel I think of her. She always told me never to never stop reading, and I kept my promise, because she knew how much I loved reading. Thank You!

Overall, I did not describe every detail of this novel, but, it's a must read. A great classic! 
amour toujours
Nailah D'arcy

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