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Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Water Dancers

Two worlds come together, the poor and the rich. Through these two amazing characters.
Rachel Winnapee, an Odawa Native American orphan & Woody March, the Heir to the March fortune.
Rachael becomes a maid for  "The March Family" an upscale well-to-do family.  Instantly Rachael is fascinated by Woody, who just arrived home from World War II. Depressed and tormented by the war Woody takes up an addiction to morphine.
This Is where Rachael comes into the picture, she is placed as Woody caretaker. Soon an affair follows; A magical connection that makes a big impact on their lives forever. That changes who they are forever.

The Summer ends, the affair ends.... Woody eventually marries... and Rachael ends up pregnant...and keeps her silences about the pregnancy. Rachael ends up giving birth to a baby boy named Ben.
Eventually, Woody does meet he's son. But soon after Woody dies. Mrs. March (Woody's mother) Helps Odawa Community by giving Rachael money to buy back Odawa land, for keeping Ben's father's identity a secret.

The Water Dancers ends with a tell-all ending. Secrets come out, and personalities changes forever.
Amazing novel! I read this novel so long ago. I had to be about seventeen years old when I read this novel. I've just recently come by this novel on my book shelve, and I was like wow, I couldn't believe I've still had this book.

The waters dancer is not a happy ending novel. This a realistic love affair. And, it taught me more about Native Americans, which is in my family background. This novel is full of social injustice, prejudice and love.
Lovely novel, with a mix of realism. Love it 
My ratings
3 1/2 out of 5
Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy 

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