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Saturday, December 31, 2011

An Uplifting Movie, For A Uplifting Year!

I was watching the lifetime channel hoping to catch my favorite show, Wife Swap (one of my favorite shows). But, I came across the most charming movie ever.
The Holiday
It's a cute little story about two women exchanging their houses for the holidays, not knowing that this holiday would change their lives forever; Amanda (Cameron Diaz) & Iris Simpkins (Kate Winslet).
These women are very different, Amanda a workaholic, and somewhat unemotional, while Simpskins is a society column editor, hopelessly and romantically in love with a man that does not love her (awe).

In a desperate need to get away, from the ex. Amanda visits a house swap website, and soon decides to swap homes with Iris for two weeks.
Iris is living life in luxury, while Amanda is contemplating to returning home, until Iris brother Graham (Jude Law) comes over after a late night in a pub, the two ends up sleeping together ( I don't blame you! whoa Jude Law lol) The two eventually fall in love, but Amanda is scared they may go to far for something that is not promised. Their little love story ends well... with tears!

Meanwhile, Iris is trying to forget the on-and-off loser ex-boyfriend Jasper who is now in engaged (what a loser, but what a good looking loser lol). While Iris is enjoying her stay in L.A. Iris meets Miles, who there to pick up Amanda's ex-boyfriends belongings. They instantly have a connection.
While Iris strikes up a friendship with Arthur Abbott, who was a script writer in the Golden Age Of Hollywood. Everything is going great until Jasper shows up, and has no intention of making an honest women out of Iris (hmm). Eventually, Iris sees that he is a totally douche( lol) and let's him go. And starts up a relationship with Miles...

This was the most charming movie ever.... I watched this movie by accident. I honestly would have never went out to rent or buy this movie, since I think these type of films are so cliche, but this one was so cute, and had a very strong meaning behind it.

These two women are the everyday women, going through everyday women problems.
I enjoyed the film for the little cute moments. I call it a little cute story inside of a cute story.

Also Jude law ah, what a guy. Gosh. God bless he's parents lol. And Rufus Sewell ah hottie!... and surprising Jack Black was quite charming, I would have fallen in love with him also.
Emma Pritchard & Miffy Englefield were so adorable! ah
Nailah Loves it!
My Ratings
4 out 5 (just because it was so charming)
Amour Toujours
Nailah D'arcy

Cameron Diaz as Amanda Woods 
Kate Winslet as Iris Simpkins 
Jude Law as Graham Simpskins 
Jack Black as Miles Domont
Eli Wallach as Arthur Abbot
Shannyn Sossamon as Maggie
Edward Burns as Ethan Ebbers 
Rufus Sewell as Jasper Bloom
I hope you all have amazing new year!
séjour glamour et scandaleux
amour toujours
Nailah D'arcy


Eva but not the Beaver said...

lol lol! Have more accidents, this is the 'I Am Fish Head Movie' - lol- I love Jude Law and Diaz and Winslet- <fishead( has none of these in but some of Nicole Kidman together with the grand psychologist, so - DOES THAT HELP? I actually didn't like the line in 'The Holiday' delivered by Jude Law which was 'You are the most interesting girl...' Ooooh I once went to a talk/ chat about Iranian novels and adaptations into movies- "I love you!!! ! !!!! !!! !" But the man stood 3 metres away from the woman. LoL it sounded fascinating too! (PS. I'm a fan of Greek mythology too)

Nailah D'arcy said...

I agree, it had it's off moments. But it was heartfelt lol. You must admit, when she was with him and he's kids it was like..awww the two of them are so perfect together!
I know I am to much of a romantic too see through a gimmicky line. I guess it's that Neptune taking over me! lol

Eva but not the Beaver said...

I know, when Graham (J Law) and Amanda (C Diaz) are together with Graham's 2 daughters that's so so gorgeous!!


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