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Monday, December 19, 2011

Product Of Love: One Way To Make An imPression?

I've recently posted about, I wanted to talk about my imPress manicure; which I've received from
This is coming from an expert (well somewhat lol).  I am a licensed Nail Technician & Esthetician, I will admit I am not the best Nail Technician lol. 
But, I did study this subject in beauty school. I have a pretty good idea of a good nail product line.
I received D060 Over The Moon in my Voxbox. These press on nails were amazing, they actually stayed on my nails for a very long time, and actually look like real acrylics nails. 
I've painted on the press on to spice it up! with a gold glitter and a blue shimmer. I only put the press on my thumb nails, and painted my real nails with a pink coat (I just love love pink it's my favorite color!) and a gold glitter, and a blue shimmer! I can't help it! Am a colorful person. lol

I am not big fan of press on nails, but, I will recommend this product for others who do not like acrylic nails to try imPress.
I will be trying more of imPress products, I've seen some really pretty prints!
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My Ratings 
4 out 5
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