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Monday, December 19, 2011

Incorrigible, Bold Lady!

A romance meant to be, couldn't be, should have been, but never was.. or was it?
A Rose For A Crown
j'adore this novel.
Ann Easter Smith has brought me to the world of Richard The Third, through sensible eyes, and not through William Shakespeare, who clearly was a Tudor suck up!

This is an entirely new outlook of Richard The Third, through his mistress. 

While history still does not know who was the mother of Richard The Third bastards. There are two names that come up quite often; Katherine Haute, and Alice Burgh.
But, this Time "A Rose For A Crown" Is all about Katherine Haute( who I believe was the mother of all Richard The Third bastards).

The novel begins Katherine Haute, a curious 9 years old girl. 
Bold, and saucy young lady.
 Katherine was given a chance to better her life; by a family member Richard Haute, Esquire owner of Ightham Mote. Although, living at Ightham Mote was by no means a fairy-tale. 

Neverthless, this opportunity did better Katherine chances in life.
Eventually, Katherine marries Thomas Draper, a merchant of Tunbridge that's twice her age. Yet, it's not a bad marriage, but surely is not a love connection. After a few years into the marriage Thomas passes away.
Soon after Katherine is engaged too George Haute. Katherine childhood crush, turns into love...
 Well for her its love.
Richard Haute is quizzical about George.... Eventually, you will figure out why.... Which it makes it impossible for the two of them to have a successful marriage.
Yet, Katherine strikes up many friendships throughout the novel. 
However, Katherine's friendship with Margaret Chedworth, sparks the liaison with Richard The Third.
I refuse to tell all the details of this novel. I left the juicy parts for you to read!

This was the most romantic novel I've read this year!

"A Rose For A Crown" is a charming novel. You'll  absolutely adore Katherine Haute. Very passionate, and loving young lady.
The only problem I had with this novel was Richard Plantagenet (Richard of Eastwell). It seemed as if, Ann Easter Smith was trying too add Richard & Katherine's bastard. It seemed a little forced, but it anything is possible.

This was an amazing novel.
my ratings
9 out of 10

Loyaulte me Lie
(Loyalty binds me)
Motto Of Richard The Third

Amour Toujours( Nailah's Motto! lol)
Nailah D'arcy
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