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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Product Of Love: Glamorous Girls, Living In a Strawberry World? LMAO

Strawberry Souffle Masque 
Loved it! Amazing product! 
I am a licensed esthetician, trust me I would never post about a product I would not approve of myself. Tis law by a esthetician, well maybe just by the State Board ( lol j.k) or maybe just my law! lol
Like most people, the first thing I look at when I try a new product, are the ingredients.
I was pretty excited about the ingredients in this masque. Such as bentonite, aloe vera.
These are amazing natural products, in fact I use this natural ingredients "Aloe Vera" every day, to apply on my face.
The fragrance of this masque is the first thing you take notice too. In fact I wanted to eat it! lol ( and, no I did not eat it! lol). But, I left on this masque on for 30 minutes, and my face feels amazing.
I am pretty happy with the end results.

Montagnue Jeunesse -"We're  vegetarian and animals are our friends- that's why we don't bash bunnies or add bits of animals"

For that Montagnue Jeunesse gets a lot of respect from me! Bravo!

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5 out 5
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