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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Dark Side Of Online Dating......

Mes Amours,
I've done my research, and I still cannot find a solid answer if online dating is reliable or unreliable. As, I am not a fan of paying a monthly charge to be with your soul mate.
I wouldn't lie to you. I have done my share of dating online, but as you see I am still single. lol
I've never tried the top dating sites according to the 100 Top Dating Sites . Such as,,,,,, So, I couldn't really say if it is worth it or not. I hear good things , and also very very bad things.
Watch Out For
  1. The liars! people claiming they have this or that, and pretty much  have nothing at all!
  2. The scammers! The ones who want you to pay for everything, and yet really don't know you and have no intention of meeting you.
  3. The fakers! The ones who use fake pictures ( I honestly do not get it). Using a fake name, fake lifestyle. Let's just say fake everything!
  4. The adulteries! The married man or women, that is not quite satisfied with their own marriage, that wants you to fulfill their own selfish needs. It is estimated that 1/5 of online daters are married.
  5. The Give Me A Green Card: marriage schemes (just weird) it is possible they may fall in love, but if your on a dating site looking for marriage to get away from poverty, most likely your not looking for love, your looking for a golden ticket( please do not pull off a Willy Wonka)
I am not saying stop trying. Really, I am not. It's possible you may meet your soul mate, but you may also meet your soul mate walking, taking out the trash, bar, charity event etc; whatever. Just be very cautious.
I love romance, just as much as I hate a heartbreak.

What's your experience with online dating?
Was it good or a bad experience?

adieu Mes amours
Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy

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