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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Any resemblance to people living or dead is purely coincidental ... Especially you, Jenny Beckman ... Bitch.

* Warning*
Do not let the title fool you
This is beyond a romantic film
This is heartbreak film (awwww)
"(500) Days Of Summer"
Is film presented that presents a love story in an abstracted way. A relationship doom to fail presented by a nonlinear narrative.
Tom Hansen is in love with the idea of love at a very young age. Well, basically what he believes is love, through the movie "The Graduate".
Then, here comes Summer Finn, who does not believe in love, and fate, like Tom. She believes it's not possible, that its just mere fairy-tales. 
Summer does not want a serious relationship. Yet, Tom is willing to go along with Summer, hoping eventually she would change her mind.

The story seems to shifts between the 500 days of their very bad relationship, which makes it a different, and new way of telling a love story.
As, the story progress you sense Tom is more in love, well infatuated, and Summer is very unsure and is toying with Tom's heart.
Eventually, Summer breaks it off with Tom.
Tom falls into a deep depression of drinking, and junk food. 
A few more days later after coping that the relationship is really over; Tom runs into Summer at a co-workers wedding; Summer is flirty and giving Tom hopes he may have the chance to win her back . 
Wrong! she engaged to married and did not tell Tom (what a bitch!) and only a few months after their breakup (seriously).

Tom quits his job and follows his dream of becoming an architect.
And, he sees Summer for the last time; Tom is completely confused by her actions. Summer states that Tom was right about true love & fate, but she found that love with someone else. Tom, let's her go and tells Summer he hopes she's really happy.
Twelve days later.
Tom attends a job interview and meets a very pretty girl that applying for the same job. They have a lot in common, and continue to chat, and flirt.
Tom gets the courage to ask her out for coffee, she agrees. Tom asks her name, and she replies "Autumn"
Cute right??

It's very hard to explain this movie, since it's all over the place( sounds like someone I know lol). 
Very different, and new and creative! 
The actors were all amazing. Chloe Moretz was so cute, and charming. And, Joseph Gordon-Levitt (My celebrity crush) was amazing, he's the cutest geek ever!

This witty, cool & romantic movie is a must see!
My ratings
10 out of 10
Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy 

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Tom Hansen
Zooey Deschanel as Summer Finn
Chloe Moretz as Rachel Hansen
Geoffrey Arend as Mckenzie
Matthew Gray Gubler as Paul
Clark Gregg as Vance 
Minka Kelly as Autumn

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