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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What Life Will Teach You!!

An Education is a lovely film. 
It's charming in it's own way. 
With a strong message.
The lesson of love, & life.........

The film starts off in the early sixties.
And you introduced to Jenny Mellor. An 16-year-old urging to see the world and wants to know what the world offers, and she did with 35-year-old David Goldman , who offers her a chance to experience the world. 
But, David only brings deceit, and trickery.
David wine and dines Jenny. Concerts, trips, clubs and fine restaurants. And soon he meets her family. Everyone is charmed by David, except Miss Stubbs Jenny's teacher.
Miss Stubbs see all the signs, and tries to warn Jenny before she makes a rash decision of dropping everything for a relationship set to fail.

Jenny is taking noticing David's flaws, while she is still blinded by his charm, Jenny keeps her silence.
David propose marriage, but soon after Jenny finds out David has a wife and child.
David disappears.
Jenny, and her family feels betrayed.
Jenny is distraught, and feels she has thrown her life away, all for a glamorous life, well what she thought would be a glamorous life.
Eventually, Jenny realize she must try to get her life back on track, and seeks out Miss Stubbs for help, too attend her dream school Oxford University. The Film Ends with Jenny accepted into Oxford University.
That's it!.
Very touching movie. 
Bad ending though lol. But, I love this movie, because this actually happened to me. So the ending was not much of a surprise.  An Education was based on autobiographical of Lynn Barber. Which makes it even more interesting.
This a must see! For everyone, even for my non-romantic lovers.
My ratings
5 out of 5
I will be buying this book. 
The costumes in this film were amazing! Also, an amazing soundtrack!

Carey Mulligan as Jenny Mellor
Peter Sarsgarrd as David Goldman
Dominic Copper as Danny 
Rosamund Pike as Helen
Alfred Molina as Jack Mellor
Cara Seymour as Marjorie Mellor
Emma Thompson as Miss Walters 
Olivia Williams as Miss Stubbs
Sally Hawkins as Sarah Goldman
Matthew Beard as Graham 
Beth Rowley as Night Club Singer

Amour Toujours 
séjour glamour et scandaleux
Nailah D'arcy 

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