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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Top 7 No, No's For Your Skin Sake!

I am a licensed Esthetician. What is an esthetician? 
Esthetician is licensed Skin Care Specialists who treat the facial skin to maintain and improve its appearance. Estheticians work to achieve beautifying the skin.
I went to school for it, so I figure why not give you the 441 to glamourized and pamper yourself!!
My No, No List!
  1. To Much Stress! Is the main cause for acne believe it or not. Stress actually causes hormonal fluctuations that result in sebum overproduction, and inflammation. Which develops into comedonal acne, and inflammatory acne.  Foods have very little to do with acne. There are no scientific evidence that  bad foods cause acne. But hey that's not a little Green Card to go ahead, and keep eating bad foods. Just try not to stress, there are many ways out there to help with your stress! Such as yoga, sports and meditation & many more.
  2. Not Drinking Water! Yes, I am talking about water again. But drinking water is very important. Water carries nutrition into skin, and allows waste products to be eliminated. The lack of water or dehydration causes the skin to age faster.  You should drink 6-8 glasses a day.  I've said  this many times before and will keep on saying it. Drink your water!
  3. Not Exercising! 10-45 minutes daily exercise will speed your skin recovery. exercising benefits much more. Such as, improving body muscle tone, negative stress hormones & helping regulate immune function.
  4. To Much Sun! Has pro's and con's. I've meet someone that thought a lot of sun is good for your skin. The sun has Vitamin-D which is true. But, too much sun can age you very, very, fast. Sun damage contributes to lines, wrinkling, splotching, and skin cancer. I see this much often since I live in FL. So wear an SPF!
  5. Smoking! Smoking chronically deprives your skin of oxygen, and nutrients. There are 4,000 chemicals in tobacco smoke that destroys collagen and elastin. Smoking also cause sagging skin, and deeper wrinkles, age spots & damage teeth. Even second hand smoke degrades the building blocks of the skin.
  6. Not Taking Off Your Makeup Before Bedtime! Is a no, no, no! makeup blocks our skin pores. Blocking natural flow of sebum which results too pimples, acne, blackheads and dry skin. Also, it contributes too wrinkles because our skin rejuvenate at night, and with makeup on it does not work properly. Every night take off your make up. Long-term it will be a benefit! 
  7. Not Wearing Sunscreen! This more than a no, no. This is a hell no! lol know matter where you live, you should wear sunscreen everyday! sunscreen is the best protection against sunburn, premature aging, skin cancer, and all forms of sun-induced damage to the skin. So wear sunscreen! Please 
These no, no's are important for you health, beauty, and wellness.
Love Always 
Nailah D'arcy
séjour glamour et scandaleux

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