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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Marilyn Monroe Final Days!!

I am a big Marilyn Monroe fan, I admire her charm and seductive personality.  I love learning about Marilyn Monroe. I've watched many of her movies, and listen to her music. I've researched her numerous times. I'm fascinated by her personality ( I said that already, didn't I? lol). 
I just recently, come by a biography of the final days of her life " Marilyn Monroe: The Final days"  It's quite interesting.

Marilyn Monroe seemed to lived a very hard life before, and after stardom. This Biography showed her last and final days of her life, and her last film "Somethings Got To Give "

This biography centers around Marilyn Monroe last film " Something's Got To Give".
"Something's Got To Give" was an unfinished project, due to Marilyn Monroe tardiness, alcohol, drug abuse, and depression.

This film starts off with how Marilyn Monroe became famous, and all 30 films Ms. Monroe starred in.

Ms. Marilyn Monroe was a DIVA. Marilyn called all the shots, and angered a lot of film directions, and 20th Century Fox. Marilyn Monroe seems to be a very hard person to work with ( A Gemini thing lol).
But, Marilyn Monroe was a women before her time, she held a lot of power and knew how to use it.

Her love life was another story. Three times divorced, and many affairs.  It seems Robert Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe had much more than the typical fling, much more than what her and John F. Kennedy had.
These subjects center around the film. And suggest it may have something to do with her death.

"Something's Got To Give" is behind in production, and is costing 20th century Fox a lot of money. The cast, Fox, and Cukor are fed up with Marilyn Monroe tardiness. Soon Marilyn Monroe was fired, and Dean Martin refuses to work with anyone but Marilyn Monroe .

Finally, Marilyn struck a deal with 20th century Fox, and soon after dies.
This film shows Marilyn Monroe at her weakest moments. Insecure, Sad and Lonely. It's funny you would never think someone like her to go through so much turmoil.
I've actually felt more sorry for her than anything.
So much talent was wasted.
The movie ends with bit's and pieces of "Something Got To give " In a movie form.
Which looks as a very promising, and cute movie. The pool scene with Marilyn Monroe was beyond stunning!
This was adequate biography, it was quite boring, and did not hold a lot of details. It mainly focus on Marilyn's flaws, and the drama between her and George Cukor, and also 20th century fox. But the photos posted of Marilyn Monroe were beyond beautiful.

I'll give this Biography

2 1/2 out 5
I would suggest watching this on YouTube, but if you are a big fan of Marilyn Monroe, this is a must buy.
Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy

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