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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

If Jane Austen Lived Today, She'd Be A blogger?

I read the most interesting article today. The title struck me instantly.
As, it is very well known I am the biggest Jane Austen fan. Ok, that is a little extreme, but most Jane Austen fans would say the same also! lol
so it is not just me!

This article was about Jane Austen in the 21st century, who would she be as a writer? how would she get publicity? and would she'd be a blogger? etc.

I, for one do believe Jane Austen would be a blogger, Twitter, eh I do not know about that; only if she had to get more subscribers.
"Laurel Ann Nattress" suggests that Jane Austen "writes very astute observation of human personalities" I am sorry, I would have to disagree.
I feel Jane Austen writes about people she wants to be. I bet your thinking well that's the same as a observation, somewhat yes, and also no. The figment of imagination. I believe she made her characters for what she wants to be, and what she would never be.
Jane Austen character's always have very strong personalities, even if the characters appear weak. I think Jane Austen were the main characters. These characters possess change, which Jane Austen knew this was never in her future;  Be free, Be herself, Be independent, Be Loved. Ms. Austen posses all these qualities.
In actuality she was never able to explore these qualities.
Which her main characters were able to do, which I feel she did not; and if Ms. Austen did, it was only through her writings.

I love Jane Austen for her modesty, and her innocence, but that's the exact reason why I dislike her also; I feel Jane Austen never developed as author.
I would always love Jane Austen;
Ms. Austen groomed me for many other subjects that luxuriate my interest, and she created my favorite character of all time! Mr. Fitzwillam Darcy. lol

Overall, I loved this article.
It's crazy, if you every get a lot of Jane Austen fans in one room, you would would open a door to many disagreements, as this was politics! lol. It's quite funny.

Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy

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