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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Why Him & Not Me.......

 I've have become a big fan of Mozart for at least about  5 months tops! 
And, lately I have come across an Amazing movie 
I am always late on movies!
Amadeus was released in 1984! boy I am so late; it's really not my fault, as I was only born 1989 I have an excuse. lol.  

I love, love , love this movie.  It has all the right components for a perfect movie. 
A simple word to describe this movie "Jealously". I've always have said "be afraid of those who smile in your face, and tell you everything you want to hear, because 9 times out of 10 it's not genuine".
 "Amadeus" plot goes into the rumors; that Antonio Salieri hauteur towards Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, because of he's talent. 
 This is one of those movies where everything was just right, not over-done or just not enough.  
It was perfect! 
Of course, I've done a little research on both composers.  It seems that both have a very bad history together, only by rumours.
In real life they were just acquaintance; But, it is a known fact that they have worked together.
"Amadeus"starts off with Salieri as an old man, who attempts to commit suicide screaming I killed Mozart! begging for his forgiveness.  Soon Salieri is sent to mental health facility, and a priest is this there to take he's confession. Salieri indulges in the moment to explain his story. For his hate for Mozart from a young age until Adulthood.
Salieri starts off how him describing his childhood being worst off, than Mozart; and how he envied him.

Soon faith brings both composers together. Salieri is absolutely disgusted by Mozart behavior, but yet falls in love with his talent instantly.
Salierie is asking god 
"Why him, and not me?" 
Salieri begins to dislike God because " he's unfair, and unjust, and unkind" From now on Salieri seeks revenges, and wants to get back at Mozart for stealing he's shine. 
Salieri hit Mozart where it hurts "Money". Salieri makes sure Mozart does not get any paid work.  Mozart is in need for money since now his married and have a child. 
Basically by now he is in debt.

Lepold Mozart, wants to get his son the position he once held with the the Count Hieronymus Von Colloredo; Yet, Mozart refuses and rather be in debt, just for the sake of his pride.  
Lepold Mozart disapprove of Mozart lifestyle, and choice of wife.
He ends up leaving.  In a few months Lepold Mozart dies.  Mozart is devastated and nearly drink himself to death. 
 Salierie knows Mozart in his weakest moment. He used trickery to get his hands on Mozart music; only for his self proclaimed fame.

This movie somewhat suggest that Salieri had some part of Mozart death; even though it seems like Mozart was killing himself.
Salieri finally gets his Requiem, and was soon taking away from him from Constanza Mozart ( his wife),
Mozart dies in that moment.
Great, Amazing, Wonderful, Wowerful, Glamours, Movie! I loved every minute of it. Everyone fits the part. 
The music was great. Amazing.
I love The fashion of the Baroque Era!  It's elegant and glamours at the same time! This is my favorite Era.  "Amadeus" has amazing costumes! it was really amazing and dazzling.
OMG: I am in love with that laugh, hilarious!

My ratings
10 out of 10
       Amour Toujours
Nailah D'arcy 
Tom Hulce as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

F. Murray Abraham as Antonio Salieri
Elizabeth Berridge as Constanze Mozart
Simon Callow as Emanuel Schikaneder/Papageno
Richard Frank as Father Vogler
Cynthia Nixon as Lorl, Salieri maid
Jeffrey Jones as Emperor Joseph II
Charles Kay as Count Orsini Rosenberg
Roderick Cook as Count Von Strack
Jonathan Moore as Baron Van Swieten

Roy Dotrice as Leopold Mozart

Christine Ebersole as Katerina Cavalieri

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