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Monday, October 24, 2011

The Private Diary Of Mr.Darcy

I have to give this novel a little more credit, than others. 
" The Private Diary Of Mr. Darcy" is way more realistic than "Pride and Prejudice", also more realistic then many "Pride and Prejudice" continuations.
People tend forget Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy is not perfect! He is a man; That's handsome, & rich what else is there to say?  

I can see Mr. Darcy in, and out of a brothel.
Nevertheless, there were a few problems I did have with this particular novel. 

Georgiana, whoa nothing like the character of Mr. Darcy sister in the original Pride & Prejudice. Georgiana Darcy was just as wild as Lydia Bennet.  In actuality we all can not say what Georgiana was really like through the point of view of naive Elizabeth Bennet, who only meet Georgiana just a few times. 
Yet, the writing was a little off, I felt as I was reading a diary from someone in the 21 century.

Maya Slater added Lord Byron to this novel ( someone I admire). 

I loved Byron in this novel.
Lord Byron is always known for he's scandalous ways; I think a mix with Lord Byron, and Mr. Darcy spiced it up. Byron was a somewhat evil character, but, yet he had a little more heart than, of course Mr. Wickham.  

Mr.Wickham in this novel knew all about Mr. Darcy love for Elizabeth, that's why he ran off with Lydia, a very realistic way of thinking of it; all things are possible, because it is Darcy's side.

These are not pro's and con's on my list. 
Once I really think about. It is more like wanting to know the answer too the big question, that was hovering over this novel. 
Everything here lead up to that question..... Is there a real Mr. Darcy? I read the Editor notes that there was a real Mr. Darcy, who actually really wrote a diary with Pride and Prejudice as the same story... 
If that's the case Jane Austen stole Pride and Prejudice..  I thought Mr. Darcy was Tom Lefroy, as most would say, but I've always thought of Tom Lefory as Mr. Willoughby.

However, this is my "Con" tell us about the diary that was written, Maya Slater does not give us details or the name? is she serious?..... that would mean there is another Darcy junior, I need to get to England ASAP! LOL.
Anyway, it may be even true. Who knows.

Honestly, "The Private Diary Of Mr. Darcy" is more realistic than, Pride & Prejudice. This novel was an all around realistic love story compared too most, so it is possibly that this could be true.
Honestly, this novel I will keep in my collection, I enjoyed this book, there is always going to be something in my back in my head; WOW, Mr. Darcy was real(well, we will never know), well I know one thing. 

Enjoy the Book 
I loved this novel.
My Ratings 
5 out of 5
Amour Toujours
Nailah D'arcy 

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