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Monday, October 17, 2011

Easy Virtue?

I have come across the most charming movie ever! and have come to like Jessica Biel even more than ever!
Miss Larita! 
Charming name. Nailah Larita? lol sounds kinda of dope.

Easy Virtue is a movie I can relate too, a lot. From the lonely alienation of Miss Larita, from the disdain of treatment from other women, too the guy I am in love with leaves me because I am too much! eh, most beautiful women know exactly know what I am talking about. 
Most of the time it's not just beauty it is just the way the women carries herself that makes her more beautiful than the rest .... This where this story begins. A story about a marriage gone wrong from the first mention of Whittaker family.

Larita is first shown driving in a car race and meets this charming English man named John Whittaker.  The two of them fall madly in love (or lust). This was the easy part, the virtue was the test! 
Meeting her in-laws 
Mrs.Veronica Whittaker is not taken with Larita high maintenance, and extravagant ways. And this stirs up a lot of problems. 
Eventually, we meet Major Jim Whittaker who seems like the black sheep of the family, and there is a reason for it! he's dreadful past.  
Immediately, Larita and Jim (Mr.Whittaker) hit it off quickly because they share the same interest.. knowing the true mundane world.

While John's love for Larita is waning, and she senses it. While the daughters follow in the mother lead of hate for Larita, and dig up dirt on Larita. Surely something was found.  
This was the end of Larita using Mrs Whittaker as a name.
She let John go because her love for him was stronger, as he was not ready to give love and receive love. John was easily was persuaded by he's mother that Larita was not a wise choice for a wife. Larita let's him go. For a marriage   of convenience to Sarah Hurst.

Charming Movie! 
Beyond Charming! 
I love this movie this film.  You can watch more it than once, and enjoy it every time. I would say it's a drama but with a mix with light humor.

My ratings for this movie
4 out of 5
Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy 
Jessica Biel as Larita Whittaker
Ben Barnes as John Whittaker
Colin Firth as Major Jim Whittaker

Kristin Scott Thomas as Veronica Whittaker
Kimberley Nixon as Hilda Whittaker
Katherine Parkinson as Marion Whittaker
Kris Marshall as Furber The Butler
Christian Brassington as Philip Hurst
Charlotte Riley as Sarah Hurst
Pip Torrens as Lord Hurst

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