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Friday, October 21, 2011

The Adjustment Bureau

Wow,  I never actually thought I would ever write a post about a thriller, but this one is different! A Romantic Thriller.  I never thought the two actually can go together so well, because sometimes it can be so over done, and cliche. 
This movie carried so much love, and dept.

Honestly I was not expecting this movie to be romantic at all.  I imagine it would be something like the The Borne Supremacy etc.  Another one of those Matt Damon against the world movies.  It's another movie where the guy is so in love that he does not know what to do! eh, my dream guy!

The plot of this story is about David Norris who running for United State Senate, but then he meets this taboo women in the bathroom(yes, in the bathroom lol) it was love at first sight! she helps him with he's speech , he ends giving one of he's most notable speeches just because her.  
He loses the race, and she leaves without a trace.  
Throughout the film David is being watch by a team called the Adjustment Bureau, they are somewhat like angels, but then again they are not.
Everyone has a plan already in set, The Adjustment Bureau just makes sure it goes it goes into plan . 

David meets and falls in love with Elise Sellas (Emily Blunt ) which is not in he's plan, there are not suppose to be together. The Adjustment Bureau has to make sure he's on plan.  This is when it seems it to turn into a romance, and less like a thriller.  I honestly I do not want to be a movie spoiler, since this movie is somewhat recent.
But, I'll say it is very interesting in a sense of  religion, reincarnation, and our soul mates. This movie is a must-see especially my for romantics lovers.

I'll give this movie a low score, because it seems like something was missing, it seems as it was not finished.  The chemistry between David Norris (Matt Damon) & Elise Sellas (Emily Blunt) made this film more amazing and appealing.  The charm of a amazing story is there, but not well executed. 
"The Adjustment Bureau"  leaves you with one question.... How far are you willing to go for l'amour?

My Ratings 
3 1/2 out 5
Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy

Matt Damon as David Norris
Emily Blunt as Elise Sellas
Anthony Mackie as Harry Mitchell
John Slattery as Richardson
Anthony Ruivivar as Mccrady
Terence Stamp as Thompson
Michael Kellyas Charlie Traynor

              Merci d'avoir lu mon blog. Bonne nuit

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