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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Never Let Me Go......

I will not say that this movie was bad, but it was not good either; I am neutral. I will say the movie is very Interesting , that's a better way to describe it. It's a film that keeps you thinking.

Are all humans wasting time? or even if we did have time would it be any different? would we all still make those bad choices, or regret not doing what we really wanted? And if we did would it still be enough time?  would the human race go so far just for the sake of living even longer? so many question went through my head as I watched this movie.  
I am a fan of reading books before watching the movie, but I am so glad I did not this time. 

This film scared the Hell out me, literally. 
This film is mentally scary.  
Would absolutely change your prospective of life.
makes you appreciate the simplest things in life. 
"Never Let You Go" was even more scary because you grow up with the 3 main characters, as children, til adulthood, and you genuine grow compassion for them.

This film is for sure a thinker. 
You grow with Kathy H, Ruth, and Tommy.  
At first,  it seems like it's just like those little teen boarding school movies. Wow,  I wish it was something like "The Little Princess".  
Back to what I was saying; the three main characters, Ruth ( Keira Knightley) Is charming and a quite beautiful girl,  with a little dark side, and seems to be Jealous of Kathy H (Carey Mulligan) for her softness and kindness, and Tommy who seems a little slow, & a submissive personality.

Starts off at Hailsham (boarding school)  the story from beginning is letting you know that they all are "Special Children" Later on we figure out why.......The Children knows that they're   clones. 
Albeit, they're reasons for living is to be used for donations for their organs etc. for "Real People", which is us.....

Kathy H & Tommy fall in love in they're childhood, and Ruth dislike the thought of the two of them together; Ruth decides to have Tommy to herself.  So, Ruth and Tommy ends up being in a relationship,  while it's evident that Kathy, and Tommy are in love.

Now there all  18, and leaving Hailsham ( the Boarding school they attended) for the first time in their life.  While the all know that they are clones, and will be giving their lives for donations of their body parts and organs etc. (Yeah, I know crazy.  Right?)  
And so forth, they are allowed to live a little bit before they die. So they all were sent to the cottages, where they are still being watched,  but with a little freedom.  Still, Tommy and Ruth are together; having wild sex every night,  while Kathy H pines over her loneliness.

Ruth ends up having a psycho moment! it's a funny part, and quite scary at the same time. I can not even explain the scene,  it was beyond weird .
Kathy ends up going away to be "carer"a clone who is given a temporary reprieve from donation to do the job of supporting and comforting donors as they give up their organs. In time, Tommy and Ruth separate soon after Kathy leaves.
10 years Later

They end up gathering upon close to Ruth last donations.  Ruth insist she and Kathy should go and see Tommy before her death. Well Tommy has had 2 donations by this time, and seem to be in somewhat good shape. While this was not a happy reunion;  Ruth intentionally brought  all them back together because she wanted to admit she was wrong with interfering with their love. Through the movie it was talk of "Deferrals" for who are in love,  and may have a extra few years to live with their love one.  Ruth wants to make it right, and give the two them an address to Madame who once was head of the Hailsham School.

Well it was said to be rumor, and it was.  Ruth dies, and in a few weeks so does Tommy.  In month Kathy is called for her first donations.  

In the end,  Kathy is contemplating the ruins of her childhood, she ask in a voice-over whether her fate is any different from the people who will receive her organs .  
After all, "we are all complete" we all have the feeling we never had enough time!

That sums it up!
I did leave out a few parts for my sanity, and also I hate telling the whole story. 
If your looking for something different! This is your movie.
I really was not expecting this. This a little too much for me. But I am sure a lot of people would like this, it's very different. Very!
My Ratings 
3 out 5
But ,I will suggest If you like out of the box movies, This is it!

Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy
Carey Mulligan as Kathy H
Isobel Meikle-Small as Young Kathy H
Keira Knightley as Ruth

Ella Purnell as Young Ruth
Andrew Garfield asTommy D
Charlie Rowe as Young Tommy D

Nathalie Richard as Madame
Sally Hawkins as Miss. Lucy
Domhnall Gleeson as Rodney & Andrea Riseborough as Chrisse

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